Thursday, April 4, 2019

Random thoughts: Old age and money

Its less than 3 years apart since my mun passed away and there is a need of active givegiving for my dad.

I am closer to my dad. Hence, the last 3 months sometime do send my mind to a roller coaster ride.

There is a period of time, I worried for my single child. I thought of checking myself in to a community hospital or home and paying the expenses from my rental. There is no need for my son to worry about me falling, etc.

Having been to the hospital for 3 months. I know how it feels to be staying a hospital, community or otherwise. I rather die at home and is glad that my dad is finally going to be discharged. If lying on the bed 24 hours and wearing pampers is distressing enough, I would not want to stare at the fellow patients, each with different ailments.

I wonder how it would be when my tine comes.

Its a humbling experince. I think I do hope to see my son trying to make me confortable, and talk to me, when it is my turn.

Money, is really not at the back of my mind.

Anyway, talking about money. Do look around construction companies and construction supply companies. rWS and MBs spending 9 billions. Assume construction takes place over 3 years, and annual demand of construction in Singapore is in the range of |28 billion to 32 billion. Its 10 percent more, at the backdrop of continous govt spending on MRT lines.

Pan united is a big player in cement, and while MBS or RWS might use their own construction companies or overseas companies. No one is reallg going to ship cement from overseas.



  1. You made me very emotional with this post. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    1. MMFS,

      You are welcome. You are emo person just like me perhaps =p

  2. There is a place called home. The longer we live at this home and older we become and becoming even more attach to this home and we would rather die peaceful in this home.

    But not all folks need a place called home. They just need a place to sleep. :-)

  3. Going thru the exact same situation of being in hospital for 3 months. God bless you and your dad! Btw construction sector is inherently competitive and unstable margins. My two cents is to look at healthcare sectors in Singapore (ppl live longer and have more illnesses for dr to treat) or probably hk listed companies for growth.

    1. Yup.
      Anon. I think I will rather rrst at home than at hospital.

      Yup, I havr RMS

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