Monday, March 9, 2020

Random story: Bear hunting

The bear is out.

No one knows the size.

Some were asking their loved ones to stay at home and avoid going out. The covid 19 only affect human and not the bear.

Before sightings of the bear, many hunters were thumbing their chest, talking about their hunting skills, advising others to have the right weapons, store the right traps, so that that could have a bear feast and sell bear paw, a delicacy to Chinese at a high price. However, all these hunters are finding excuses not to go hunting now, the most common one is that China has banned wild meat and bear paw can't fetch much anyway.

It wasn't like that initially. When sighting of bear first surfaced, people were clamouring "bear bear bear" or "feast feast feast". It is only when the first blood spill on the street and not one knew actually how big the bear is or how many bears there are, that many bear hunters change their tune, saying defensive is the best offense.

There is another sect of bear hunters, who are very frequently impersonated. The value hunters, with another branch call the business hunters. Many claim to be their disciples, some even spring off different sects of their own, claiming mastery of their hunting skills.

They forgot hunters from this sect are also  zen masters who don't calculate their hunt every day using a scale.

These people trace their ancestors roots to China Sun Family during the spring autumn warring periods. They knew building up a army takes a thousand days, but the useful deployment of it could take only a day or two. They also knew Victory or Loss, is just another day affairs if we are fighting a bear. Some bear hide in ambush and even renowned members from this sect get mualed at times.

Yet, they are courageous, and in moments like this, they execute what they have learn and went Bear hunting. May God bless these warriors. Some will not return.


Some will return, bearing battle wounds. Yet, they have no regrets. They are true warriors from the sect, descendants of Sun Family.


  1. Replies
    1. Hihi Spur, glad u like my humor and us not offended.

  2. A lot of people are long term investors when the market is up and risk managers when market crashes down.

    It is only during stress tests when their true nature emerges.

    1. Yup. All plans are thrown out of the windows. Dun catch falling knives and u dun catch anything

    2. Catch falling knife with 2 fingers at a time.

      Left hand then right hand, rotate with manageable infliction.

      Catch immediately with whole hand (and the working hand somemore), then good luck lo.

  3. How to confirm personally it is a Bear market?

    Whatever we buy, a few hours later we lose money! LOL!

    1. Hahaha tell me about it .. buy what loss what hahahah

  4. Hi SI,

    While you are busy typing this post, I bullied a few bears already LOL

    1. Hahaha, I think I fire more shots than u. But we all Bo Bo shooters hahahahahaha

      Nvm, will kill sooner or later.

    2. This is how we personally know it is a Bear market!

    3. cW hmm...

      Bear market will sure miss a lot of shots ???

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