Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Expanding your radar through FSM stock screener

Note: No affilation to FSM, just find it useful. Recently, have been trying to rebalance my portfolio, and will continue to do so as and when the price and time is right. In the past, my "pond" is just singapore, with FSM STOCK screener, I find the screening process a breeze, before I lock down on a counter to read their annoucements and annual reports, and dig out information beyond 5 years. It is thus far, the best screener.
It is a breeze to look at various exchanges and if you have a particular sector you preferred, to shortlist it. The default criteria are good enough for me, but you can modify it if you wish. Once you have a list, and click on a particular counter, the amount information available is impressive.
Balance sheet, cash flow, data available for 5 years, with various commonly used ratios already calculated for you. If you like researching and prospecting, just like me, do try it out. The 2 counters that I added after using this screener and further readings are: HKEX: 3339 A construction machinery manufacturer. NYSE T: AT & T I find earnings visibility for at least 2 years with possible upside that might be underappreciated by the market. Both have reasonable to significant market share, and likely you get dividend yield north of 7%. Happy prospecting


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