Sunday, March 24, 2024

Random thoughts: Looking back my bucket list of 10 years ago

The nice thing about having a blog is, you can look back at your past, and be amused or touched by what you had been through. 

Slighly more than 10 years ago, my bucket list is something like this:

1)  I would like to start a social enterprise

2) Do something about proverty overseas

3) Teach in a school with the highest FA pupils 

4) Tour Europe 

I have reached the "不惑之年",不惑can be loosely translated as "not easily tempted or confused", I feel that is a nice word of saying "losing your dreams"

Nonetheless, I have decided that helping my pupils as much as I can, is a social enterprise, and in 3) instead of going to a school with highest FA, I would like to go to a school with many high needs pupils. It is a good reminder, and I think I  might just cross this off my bucket list. I almost wanted to move on to another school, but I felt I am not ready to leave my players who have been with me with the past 3 years. Unlike teaching, where pupils have different teachers every 1 - 2 years, my CCA pupils are with me since P3 or for some, since P2. I just can't bring myself to leave them to fend for themselves without morning training just before their NSG. Maybe I am just egolistic, but I really took a long time pondering about this. My ex-principal has expressed a willingness to accept me in her new school, so it is a case where I should easily move on to another school, if I so wishes. However, I told her I could not bring myself to do it in the end, and she wishes me all the best. 

I don't think I can do anything about proverty in Singapore or Overseas now. I think it is about how well the economy is, and it is really the job of the country leaders. I perhaps is doing something to help prepare my pupils to prepare for  the future work. (Perhaps being egolistic here again)

4) Is not really something that unreachable. Although I no longer feel any need to do it. 

There is this part in my blog post of 10 years ago, talking about FIRE too. 

I do not have FI, but i had already RE. I look forward going to work almost everyday, and wish to die at work, if possible. (Of course, not anytime soon, but when all my dependents are independent, and the elderly all taken care of. )

What a weird post, but I shall just keep the post, and see how much has changed in 10 years. 

If I need to add one more item to my bucket list, it will be 

1) To caregive for all my loved ones and send them off before I go myself. 

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