Monday, September 30, 2013

Yangzijiang updated - point 3 added

I never like insider sell-down, especially a large stake.But for his case, I think its more like a re-aligment of his investment since 2008Before this:
2008 OCT (Price then: 32-40cents)
From 16.25% to 3.32% Due to the Disposal of 24.04% interest in the share capital of Lido Point Investments Ltd. ("Lido Point"), which holds 510,466,000 shares representing approximately 16.25% of the total number of issued shares (excluding treasury shares) in the Company (the "Shares").

11 Aug 2009 (2.3424% - 2.26%)
Open market sales (Price then $0.965- $0.985)

2 Dec 2009 (2.26% -2.04%)
Open market sales (Price then $1.23)

03/09/2010(1.99%-1.58% thereafter 1.46% due to dilution of dual-listing)
Sale of 20,000,000 shares pursuant to the Companys Taiwan Depository Receipt Issue (price $1.55)

Open market purchase (300 lots at 1.115)

The intention to leave might already start in 2008, when he sell Lido investment, the holding company of the key founders of the company.

Market might sell it down further due to US volality. If it does go back to my initial purchase price, I will buy more if the 3 key personnel, renyuanlin, wang dong, and xiang Jiajun do not sell.

1)10000Teus luanched, 1 operation risk less.

2)Applying for a private banking license

If they succeed, clampdown on shadow banking activties in the future will have no impact whatsoever on them. They can also access more funds too for expansion, but I would like the" banking arm" to be no bigger than 20%

3) New orders win!!

Important to note that orders are higher valued.

They are building capsizes and FINALLY VLCCs now, when previously is mostly panamax

And more 10000 TEUS confirmed .. Yeah!

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