Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random thoughts - Joe Dever's Lonewolf in IOS and andorid now!

I was a fan of Joe Dever's lonewolf since I was a kid. When I am in university, and tried to find the books, but they are no longer in publication. When I have the money to buy, the books are not available. I found an online version, but its rather painful to read books online for me.

I was rather excited when the game came, there is no cheating, no bookmarking, graphics is good, but the best is still the narrative story and the rather realistic game environment. What really surprised me is the battle. It is really a class of its own, its not a mindless slashing, and you cannot mindlessly down potions, or upgrade your weapon. There are cooldown periods before you can repeat a certain command. You cannot upgrade or buy weapons or potions frequently, there is only 1 shop.

It is a turn-base battle as well as a real time battle, you have a fix time to carry your command during your turn, but the enemies can dodge, parry or even hit back, although most of the time, they take damage. When its their turn, you take damage.

I spent almost an hour trying to figure the battle system, keep dying while I am learning.

You can squeeze as much commands as you like during you turn, restraint by cooldown periods, and you energy level and kai power. So you need potion to boost them and then carry the command again, but remember, you cannot keep drinking potion, so you have to plan your move.You have the almighty sword of sun, but using it will deplete your kai power. So it might not be wise to use it sometime. You do need the Kai skill of healing though, without it, you cannot really proceed far in the game.

There are even quick attack,heavy attack and balance attack, and there are skills to learn in every attack, but for it to be successful you need to execute certain action like taping the screen quickly, hit the screen at the right timing or swipe the right pattern etc.

Mesmerizing! If the enemy are too strong, and you die, you can choose to fight again,using a different strategy (it really make a different, doesn't mean you lose, you are bound for failure, sometime it is a tactical mistake) or choose to re-fight the enemies with a weaker setting, but the rewards are less tantalizing. Some battles you just can't get past...

only complaint, it is too short. After I master the rules of battle, I complete the art in 3 hour, and the next  acts will not be out till 3 months later... sigh...

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