Sunday, November 17, 2013

Random thoughts- investment temperaments= unfeelings??

In investment, we value cool mindness. We frown upon panicky, emotional decisions that will cause us pains. We look at companies in a unemotional way, looking deeper than price crashes and business competitiveness etc.
Recently, I was quite taken by surprise by the free flow of tears when my boss of nine years is given a transfer. I like my boss, I look up upon him as a fatherly figure as he cares for his staff, I am apprehensive about my scholar-type new boss. My boss gave me many opportunities and I will not where I am today at the workplace without him. So I am genuinely grateful to him.
We organized a good farewell party, with good pictures and videos of past years, most of the staff are in tears or having red-eyes, and for me, while I feel a tinge of sadness, I am perfectly unaffected emotionally.
I took its only the ladies who are emotional, nope guys too. I wondered aloud: he is leaving us for another department, it is not as if some misfortune befall him (touch wood), neither is he retiring. He is still well and around. Why are we crying for him when the Philippines typhoons flatten a city and no one is crying. Why is aid trickling so slowly and no one is panicking??
I suddenly remember words from 鲁迅, his literatures alway talk about human emotions as a drama theatre. We amplify simple occasions with dramatic emotions.
I wonder if my investing practices is making me unfeeling, or is the world really so dramatic?

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