Saturday, March 29, 2014

Random thoughts: value for money vs value of money

Value for money is easier to understand or easier to come to an consensus of what it mean. But then, it could already have 4 interpretations:

1) price tag of $1, I get it for 50 cents during a sale. Groupon deals are value for money. More applicable to my wife.
2) something is intrinsically worth $1, I get it lower than $1. Stocks that will grow or at a discount to p/b. more applicable to investors
3) relative comparison, a pair of shoes that cost $100 is more value for money than $50 because it is more comfortable and last more than twice as long. More applicable to atas people who are shrew consumers.
4) serve a need, I wanted a BMW because it tells people I arrived. ATAS x2 people

Value of money?
What money buys. I always tell my pupils money has no value until it is spent. What is the value of $10 note? Is it $10? Nope, it is a high class coffee, or it can be a packet of seeds for poor rural people to grow. Which has a higher value of money?

Lets push this a bit? How much money so that u feel rich? Enough to stop work? Enough to do whatever u work? More money means more options, u can never do whatever u want unless u are filthy rich.

During my holiday, I feel rich, I didn't have to work, can afford to wake up late, talk a walk and go for breakfast follow by newspaper.

When my leave ends, and I start working like a dog, I felt poor, a slave to salary again. So I tried something out of the blue. I wake up half an hour earlier, went for breakfast at hawker before I start my day, given I am a fast eater, I can eat, read newspaper and see life passes by in the wee morning of the day. See those office girls gearing up for work, see those social escorts getting off work, see old lady selling tissue papers and touting them to FTs,
Saw the FT opening her wallet to get tissue, bringing a surprise smile to the old lady. Who says FTs is a bad thing?

Feeling richer just by waking up earlier by half an hour, value for money or value of money?


  1. social escorts got start work so early?

  2. CW,

    Is not starting work, it getting off work...

  3. LOL! Whole article and CW qian bei eyes light up on reading social escorts?

    Once upon a time, I worked near Orchard Towers (Palai Renaissance with Montgomery Ward, and Metro Orchard), when I go off work during the evenings, that's when I see the social escorts start working their charm ;)


    You really cultivating your Tao in "red dust". Wink, wink.

  4. Hah SMOL,

    In red dusk, then can see through see dusks...


    I say, dusks on me, and I didn't clean it. I am dirty, I clean and I get dirty again. So I sing :" let it go, turn around and slam the door" and let the appetitive soul rule over logical and spirited.