Friday, March 21, 2014

Random thoughts: superstitious me

Random thoughts series has nothing to do with investment or finance.

What I will write will sound real silly or superstitious to people, if u are offended by superstitious practices or people, stop reading now.

When my eyes twitch non-stop for a day, something bad will happen. Call me superstitious but it has 99% accuracy since I am 18.

Sometime when it didn't twitch that badly, the unlucky stuff can be just I cut myself, during army times, or fall sick.

The few times it twitch non-stop, and the things that followed really made me feel quite miserable.

I am a free-thinker, and I understand what come may, just take it in its stride. But when the unfortunate hits, it usually get to me quite badly.

I did told people about this weird habit I have, they always say I didn't have enough sleep or I am stressed. But as I said, its 99% accurate. I know some will say its对号入座, meaning because I think about it, that's why I relate it that way, and its just a coincidence . I am not lying when I think the last 2 time it happen, the 2 unfortunate incidents could have been avoided if not for 5-7 coincidences leading up to it. U have to be really sway, for things to turn out that way.

Predict misfortune but no way of stopping it, but it is a good thing to be mentally and emotional prepared. So it is a good thing? Nope, I rather not want that, it is a curse.

There was once in my workplace when something very important is lost. The consequence of that can be really serious. The staff involved is almost in tears, and given I am her supervisor I would Kena jialat jialat too. She keep asking me how how, super panicky, I told her relax, if something that bad is going to happen, that is no way my eyes will not twitch. She is not reassured and told me i have a weird way of comforting people. True enough, that important document was found shortly.

By the way, losing money in the stock market didn't count. I am ready for that when I invest, am will be calm even ifs counter fall 50%, I always thought losing money is the least sway thing la, but it was never about losing money, but something that will
Impact me quite deeply.

It sound like super power, isn't it? But it's one thing I would rather not have. What did I say 99%. There was once in my younger days, I keep telling people that I have this weird "power" which is 100% accurate ( then it was 100%accurate, scary right), and like because I told a lot of people about it, I seem to lose that ability for a while. They are times I really sway but my eyes never twitch and my eyes twitch an nothing happen. I am happy, good riddance, I can take it if something sway happen, but I can't stand the waiting for it to happen part, I dun usually have to wait long though. But a few years back, it is 100% accurate again. I told a lot of people about it, thinking that it will go away, but nope, this time round it doesn't work.

Superstitious me!! But I find this ability to know something bad is going to happen a curse!! Because that something bad happening doesn't have to happen to me, but will affect me nonetheless.

I have been twitching non- stop for 2 days already. I think I am down on luck? The super scary thing is I actually hit second prize for 4D for $1000!!! On Wednesday. I very seldom bet, ) maybe less than 5 times in a year?) but I was bored waiting for my wife the other day and remember seeing my birth date appear in two cars' plate no on the same day. I just got my bonus and think hey, just try me luck lor. I didn't even bother to check until the next day and I couldn't believe my eyes. How can I be lucky and sway the same time??!!

Maybe by blogging about it and let hundreds know will make it go away again. Hahahaha

Sorry if I offend anyone with my superstitious thoughts. But my eyes are still twitching as I blog...


  1. When I was writing the superstition essay for class 6, it was really fun. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then...

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