Thursday, October 23, 2014

Random thoughts: What is your weapon system in Investment

Just for fun, here goes:

Most of us who started off investing in university, use a Parang or maybe a revolver to kill.

But we always thought we can use a Parang or revolver to slay bears, tigers and dragons.

Slowly, we realized, we need more than revolver and rounds and rounds of ammunition. We need something more sophisticated.

Be it a trader or value investor, or whatever name you fancy, the details are different, but I think you know the following nonetheless.

A Radar system:
To identify stocks to make money. TA for traders, FA for investors or whatever criteria that works for you consistently. Call me money maker. LOL

When you have a radar system, you need to consider the range. Does it has a 100km range or 10000 km range? Its ok to have 1 km radar, as long as you know you are not immune to surprises and black swan missiles.

You temperament decide what weapon suits you best, if you are trigger happy, you need machine guns, if you like to snipe, become a sniper. However, do not forget you weapon is useless if you do not have ammunition.

If you hold an M16, but only have 1 magazine, it will really be unwise to switch to auto-mode when firing. regulate your ammo or your enemy Mr Market will out flanked you.

If you like me, has very limited ammo, it is ok, stay low and make sure your rounds count, and you can also run, when you know you are going to be outflanked.

Or you can fire harassment fire and let the enemies drain their ammo at you, slowly but surely, wear them down.

Do you have air-photos of enemies bases, do you rely on insider spies (buys). Is the enemy in the open? It is easier to gather information if the base is open and transparent, how many planes and troops they have, when is the changing of shifts of security where it is most vulnerable. Which base look impenetrable but has many weaker links.

The last thing you want to do is charged into an ambush. Game over, start again.

We do not command troops, but we do have companions on and off. Someone who shared a common target with us. It is a easier path, but do not be fooled by the security of companions. Sometime, teamwork bring down a tiger, sometime it is a trap by Mr Market to lure the guerrillas out.

Sun Zi says:"兵者,诡道也“,
Be wary of treachery.


  1. Hi SI, I like your creativity here. LOL.

    1. LOL, thanks S-reit system Investor,

      It is for fun, I have a terrible headache this morning, just thought I rubbish this. You and Solace comments in the previous post gave me the idea!

  2. What an analogy you had....think-out-of-box!! I like....

    1. Thanks David,

      In fact, it is like a game isn't it. The kills you have, the higher level you go, from M16, to 40mm, you upgrade your equipment and take on bigger enemies.

      Sometime you tag on someone who artillery fire. LOL

    2. we call on air support to air raid for 3 days 3 nights ..... : P

  3. great analogy, interesting to think about it this way!

    1. Hi GMGH,

      I like it too, maybe I will write a part 2 LOL

  4. Hi Sillyinvestor,

    That's an interesting take that many of us men can relate to. =)

    Companions might help but sometimes they can also lead you to a shit-hole. =p

    1. Yup 15HWW,

      been there, done that. Selfish commanders, selfish teammates..

      I rather hunt alone sometimes...

      But they are the minority, the funny thing is, my OC in order to keep the core people around, send half of these people off to OCS LOL

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