Friday, August 19, 2016

Random thoughts: did what I want, without FI

Yesterday was kind of memorable for me. 

Before that, I was very busy at work, overseeing a lot of responsibilities for the first time. I was very kanchong as I was afraid of not doing it well. Maybe it will affect many people, and some people rather drastically if things dun turn out well, I did not sleep well for the past 1 week. Yesterday was the last day, it was a load off my shoulder. 

I took "leave" from my wife, spent a longer than usual time with my dad at dinner, and did night cycling with my friends. 

We call ourselves the uncles riders.

We were chit chatting how long have we not cycled, and I realized it has been more than 4 years. 

As we cycle along east coast, I enjoy every moment of it, and felt young.

The beautiful full moon out at the sea.

The amusement of seeing so many people, adults included playing Pokemon go.

Didn't know I could ride to Marina Barrage from east coast. It was a beautiful place, beautiful view. 

The weather was cool, not too humid with the breeze making me feel refreshed.

Didn't know cycling felt so exhausting. I am indeed turning weak. 

Although physically tiring, it was mentally liberating. 

Little pleasures in life. And the tough week prior to that is the icing of the cake. 


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    That hope I see in you, it has gotten bigger :)


    You let go first; then you have space to absorb ;)

    When the mind is "liberated", you won't mind the small stuffs...

    1. Smol...

      Yeah yeah!! See when u have high hopes, let me know ok!!!

      Then it's time to disappointed. Muhahaha

  2. Hi SI,

    Fantastic! This is great stuff! Wish I can join the ride ... hehe.. but I dun wanna be labeled together with u all uncles.

    Auntie at hawker stall still call me "Xiao Ti" even though i m edging closer to the big 4!

    1. Rolf,

      I dun want to talk to u anymore ... Sobz sobz...

      Actually once in a while, people still call me ah boy..

      By I always feel young. When I was talking to my boss about promoting young officers, she told me "still too young" let her gather more experince and respect from peers and colleagues first, I said "I also young what "

      She said "hello, u think u still young meh"


  3. all I know is in the eyes of our mother, we are always young!


    It is so heartwarming to see 4 happy sweaty uncles in the still of the night!

    1. Hi Rolf,

      What goes round comes round, sometimes I feel my parents are like children now.

      Maybe next time if bloggers do meet up again, we can go night cycling too. There are many more I would like to meet

  4. I do not have my own bike....can loan from East coast park!
    by the way, 7th month night cycling...hahaha

    1. Aiyo, Rolf,

      Dun pandan la... Ya we rent too.

      There is is 24 hour shop there

  5. HI SI

    Got play pokemon Go while cycling ? Mbs area heard got some rare pokemons.

  6. STI,

    I heard from a fellow uncle cyclist that the cycling or walking when playing Pokemon go is to "hatch eggs"

    I dun play go, but my wife's colleagues told
    Her the Indian banana leaf curry house has a lot of raw pokemons. Too bad she dun play too LOL

  7. Hi SI,

    Been ages since I cycled too! I know what u meant by mentally liberating😉 I felt the same whenever I cycle too. The route along the flyer and MBS is pretty awesome right?

    To more cycling trips and less worries in future! Cheers!

    1. Hi PP,

      Oops I missed your comment.

      I am thinking of next time we do plan a blogger meet up, we should seriously consider cycling ??

      Maybe can't talk much But we can chat over a meal after we output first, before we input

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