Saturday, August 13, 2016

Random thoughts: Order of importance

Words are important, it is a tool of communication.

But, while what is said is important, what the speaker felt is even more important. 

While what the speaker felt is important, how you feel is more important. 

While how you felt is important, what you do about it is more important.

While what u did is important, how convinced is your actions is right is more important. 

While being right is important, how it achieved its intended consequences is more important. 

While achieving is important, how it can be sustained achieving is goals in the long run is more important. 

When you understand what is most important, you no longer get bothered by the words. 

Who is bothering you? I, myself or me?

Not the above? 

That's a lot of people bothering you man!


  1. Hmmm .. Depending whether these words from people are affecting or has some impact on what we are trying to achieve from writing. Even poking at some blogs also get ourselves ban.

  2. ?? CW..

    Actually, I cannot really catch what you want to say......

    1. Borrow SMOL's England: Write to achieve or write to escape. :-)

    2. Lol...

      Oh no, definitely not write to achieve...
      Maybe some element of escape, but the bulk of it is to write to BO LIAO!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi SI,
    Wow ! Very " Chim" ... Full of wisdom n philosophy...cheers !
    While achieving financial independent is important ,,but having meaningful n happy life is equally important..:)

    1. Hi STE,

      I talk male chicken chim, analyse companies not chim, and therefore pockets also not chim but shallow sigh....

  5. Sillyinvestor,

    I give compliments when its due; and poke when its warranted.

    Today its compliment time ;)

    1) You reply to my poke at your previous post is clever and witty.

    2) And now your reply to CW is humourous, with a tinge of self-deprecation.

    Thank goodness when there's diversity in views, you don't sulk and whine, "I don't blog anymore!"


    You definitely not strawberry generation!

    1. Haha LOL thanks SMOL,

      I Shameless, very happy when praised.

      Keep it flowing ok lol

  6. Hi SI,

    That's deep. But the gist is that while words and its many other follow up actions are important, ultimately we must not be too bothered by it?

    Did I make a good guess? 😉

    1. PP,

      Let me be irritating here. What you think is more important than what I think...


      but about 80% right ya..

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