Friday, December 16, 2016

Random thoughts: An online temptation


Just talking about an email offer to become an aflilate for a particular subscription. I had always wanted to earn some kopi money from blogging if possible

I had really want to try my hand on it. Especially after some correspondences with the Marketing Manager, the product seems decent enough, and perhaps even of quality. The analysis are sharp and some could really be rather useful for some readers.

I was talking to a few blogger friends and after thinking over it during my holiday, decided to give it a miss. And most probably it will be a while before I attempt anything like that again.

Some reasons for letting the "opportunity" slips:

1) 自知之明(know my limits)

I know my traffic, those who visit my blogs are mostly regular, while some popular counters' analysis might attract higher traffic, I know it's a long way before I can monetize it properly .

2) Competition 

I know the Marketing manager sent a blanket invitation to all/ more active bloggers. I am
Not sure how many will bite. But I have a sense that my readers overlapped with the more popular or established one, so why would they pay through my blog? 

3) Neutrality

I always believe in everyone being responsible for themselves. I blog quite a bit about various companies, if ever, any reader followed my analysis and lost money, I will not lose a wink of sleep. Most probably those who read my blog knows better than me anyway. 

However, I do appreciate the fact that whatever I wrote is truthful to my own convictions, although my convictions might change. I find it a bit hard to trade my neutrality off perhaps for just one or two case of referrals' commission. 

There is advice from a renowned blogger that banner advertisement could still allow me to keep my neutrality. I was really very touched when he keep a lookout for me and kept me in the loop as he banters with the owner. I appreciated it a lot although to him, it is just asking (举手之劳)But, after sitting on it, I dun think anyone will want to put a banner with my traffic. LOL. So ... it goes back to point 1, I know my weight.

4) 初衷(why I started blogging)

Before I started blogging, I was quite inspired by AK ability to earn some "peanuts" just from writing. I though how nice it is to earn some money from writing 

When I started writing, I am so happy when I do get readers. Hey, there are people interested in my blabbing.

Then I start to know a few bloggers, and the community become slightly more friendly.

As it progress, my blog become my personal diary of sorts.

Adsense was the milestone for me. It means I have enough readers to be accepted. Never mind I have not even gotten a single cent for it.

So it came full circle. I think I will continue to just write for fun, to bo Liao, to vent ...

While it's tempting to know "how much" sillyinvestor is worth, I decided to go for "priceless", there is no
Monetary value attached yet, then see "in my face" when I go all out to canvass for online income to realize it is "worthless". Ya, I scare to lose, my skin thin, bite me. LOL

It is a fun experience, and perhaps also an opportunity for me to know myself better. 

All the best to the rest. I think I will earn by selling my expertise ... (give a bit of tuition)


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    One blogger has accepted the offer ;)

    Very interesting of all the many bloggers out there, so far only ONE accepted.

    Let's see how many more will accept the offer to be an affiliated member of that newsletter website ;)

    Can be embarrassing when 3 or more financial bloggers write the same advertorial post... We are no different from food bloggers then?

    Commercial bloggers accepting such offers would make a lot of sense. They are in it for the money from day 1. Nothing wrong.

    As for hobbyist bloggers, some value and guard their independence like a hawk - no advertorials. Some don't mind an occasional "red packet" from time to time.

    Then there is me who can write an advertorial in exchange for a meal or drink. But then I have full control over that advertorial; I'm not a puppet.

    They way I write advertorials most businesses run away and never come back!


    1. Lol SMOL,

      The fact that they ask u to write advertorial means that they are "ok" with creative type of writing ...

      If everything I "know myself better" and verify than I can DIY, who need to buy. If there is really a modern time Peterlynch, where got our turn? Lol

  2. Sillyinvestor,

    Found another blogger signed up.

    Its a business/commercial website. I won't promote it here.

    Quite clever. Put all the competing investments/trading courses in one place. So any readers sign up after visiting his website, he gets paid!

    Got "free" articles" with affiliate links, why would any commercial website say no?

    1. Lol,

      That's why when u say they have the same articles, I said it won'6 happen.

      They Are good, I must say... pro...

  3. Haha, I think I know which one :) I didn't do it also. If it's good, I'll do it for free, no need to pay me too :) Free spirit, hard to catch LOL

    1. Haha... LP,

      I thought of doing it for free too. Then again, better no recommend any products in case in turn sour ...

      So ... that's it

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