Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Random thoughts: Joy is both the fuel and fire for sustained learning

They say learning is to change. 

I reflected on my learning journey. What are some of the things that I have been doing on a sustained basis, they are those related in my work and those related to investment. 

The benchmark here is sustainability, not results. Not saying my teaching super solid or my investment skills power. But I am still trying out new ways of teaching despite all odds, even in school. While I might not be able to read as much in the past, I do have a habit of reflecting on the failures of a particular lesson and how to do it better. Same with investment, I still read business news everyday and financial reports of companies under my radar. 

What keep me going? Why didn't I have as much success in areas of health (eat properly or exercise regularly) or spiritually ( Commit to the 5 "commandments")

I ask myself, what have I got from investment. I did have some winnings that gave me a adreline rush at times, but more importantly, it opened up a new perspective. I see things from another angle of business and investment. It's like opening up a new eye. I also make some friends or know some like-minded people. 

In the past, I wanted very much to be acknowledged as "intellect", wanted my analysis of companies to gain followers or approval from guys at value buddies and etc. Well, not that I have gain any recognition, but I felt very at ease now leaving comments at forums or blogs, and enjoy the interaction even if there is no affirmation. 

The same goes with my teaching work. I get a kick at times with delivering superb results, but mainly just enjoy the company of young children. When their eyes go "Kim Kim" I simply felt so satisfied.I also see a world of purity and innocence through the pupils lens. U can say a new perspective too.

My learning at work is really trial and error. I will do a bit more reading now together with talking to people as a way to hone my craft. I have so many ideas to bring back. 

These are my successes at sustainability.

How about health? Do I regularly or whenever possible exercise to eat healthily? Obviously no. 

Do I knowingly not clear my minds of evil thoughts even though I am fully aware of them? Obviously I am not practicing well in my spiritual path too.

Looking at the successes and failure, it is Joy that is present at both successes and absent in both failures.

So what feed joy? Is it small successes? Well, u might not believe me when I say I had six pack belly and can run 2.4 km in 9 minutes during My NS days and still getting Gold in my initial reservist years.

Had I have my success? I did. But it did not sustain. 

Is it compananship of like minded people. That is highly possible an important ingredient. I still run quite a bit during my uni days because it easy to find "ka" to run with and I am not adverse to running alone too. I do have a "ka" to run with in school if I want, but just sianz to do it. 

So the companionship is not just someone to run with me but also share the same joy and frequency in running.

Can I just force myself to do something so that it becomes a habit. They say do it continuously for 18 months and it will become a habit. I say it's deeper than that, the conditions for that habit to develop must stay too, if there is no joy in doing it. I ran every day in my NS days for 2 years. I play Mahjong almost every week in my uni days before I met my wife. 

Of the 2 successes I had, are their periods of "non-joy". U bet. 

In the failures, are their occasional joy too? There is. But in areas of investment and teaching, the practice of it itself is joyful. I can't say the same for controlling my diets. I can say the reverse is true, I enjoy "nuaning" at home and snacking .. LOL

Now, is it possible to program yourself to enjoy what u do almost every time U do it. (Interest, motivation are all lumped together with joy, joy is a simplistic example for positive feeling). This goes back to the question of innate ability or borned with it. 

 I believe there is a certain degree of truth in we are all built for certain things. Some things we do, we just feel so at ease, with the flow. Some we just have to make the efforts to go against the flow. 

U can't program yourself to feel joy. It's a fuel, but it is also a sign of what u are built of, its a signal to tell you if u are in the right place. 

This is not about what we can achieve. U can hate your work and still be rank higher than me in terms of achievements, but given a choice U will jump ship whereas I will continue. 

Making sense? Hope so. 


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