Friday, February 10, 2017

Random thoughts: My biggest takeaway as a student

My mental model.

Not the slogan shouting type of positive attitude etc. it's my understanding and analysis lens. 

I now see issues in 2 ways: the pendulum and the ice-berge. 


It's easier to see the faults or weaknesses of current situation. But we sometime forget the trade-off when we swing the other side. Anything extreme is not good. 

But it is important to know where we stand in the arc of pendulum none the less. It makes us aware of how we do damage control or value add in terms of costs of being at this side of the pendulum. 

What is more important, though, is we won't be caught swinging around. If we happen to be at the right side of the swing at the right time, then u get tail wings. When u are at the wrong side, u know u can expect headwinds. Why not just go with the flow. To a certain extend, we all are alreading going with the flow, there is no much choice, but u keep applying resistance such that hopefully one day, the swing comes to the right place. 


What u see, is much lesser than what u don't see. Let me write this part through a story in a mocking manner.


Boss: look why are things so disorganized! Why is sales so bad. 
Men: (glum silence)
Boss: what can we do!
Men: maybe we should look at what difficulties the sale team is facing.
Boss: Yes! You are right. U have 2 days. I want to see surveys done by them, interviews recorded and transcripts sent to my desk. I want action plans on my table. 
Men: Yes sir!

1 week later 

Boss: I have read through, some of the sale staff are not sure what to do. What the heck are u managers doing. I want to see instructional menus given to staff, I want SOP to be established. I want u to brief them on these things, understand! And I want you to closely monitor their performance ! I want spreadsheet! If they need training, u better hell send them there. 


**Get my drift ?? Winks. Ya, I am applying my pendulum thinking in the above too. It has swing too far.  


  1. The reason why our life is much better without bosses.

    1. Hi CW,

      Most bosses are liviable, many of them cordial.

      Must have backup plan though

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