Sunday, March 12, 2017

Random thoughts: What does Financial achievement means to u?

I felt a sense of financial achievement recently.

In the bloggersphere of investors, once we start showing our portfolio, we inevitable start to compare, and it haunt me initially. I felt so small, just like my portfolio. LOL. That was in the past. 

Recently, on my trip to Ringku Outlet in Osaka, I struggled to convince myself to get a branded wallet and bag for my wife and in-law. They are value for money because they are at about half the price of what you get in Singapore.

I knew my wife always use a sling wallet, and I really felt like getting a nice one for her. I finally decided in getting 1 wallet and 1 bag at 70% discount.

After I bought them, instead of the usual guilt I felt when I spend unnessarily. I was quite excited about showing them to my wife.

When I reached home, and show them what I bought for them, they were happy. My wife found the wallet too small bit used it nonetheless, but really love the anello bag (premier edition) which I got for her.

Financial achievement is able to splurge on my loved ones, without throwing away our future. I might have just thrown away my financial freedom, with the several hundreds compounded at 6-7% annually becoming a great deal in 30 years time. 

But I felt happy. Seeing my wife using the wallet, transferring her cards and money to the new wallet makes me happy too. 


  1. Now you may understand the Journey to FI is important. It is not about squeezing ourselves harder to reach FI faster and sooner. In my coming talk; it is also about Journey to retirement includes our loved ones is also important too

    1. Hi CW,

      I won't be able to join your coming talk. Temp says it best when it says your wife remember your gift than the money in the bank.

      We need to prepare for Money for retirement but also the Mind. Lol

  2. Sillyinvestor,

    You'll make a good counter-balance to those "giam siap gui" financial bloggers out there.

    Let's see - you, the bleeding heart, and butterfly all have cars.

    Imagine you 3 use silly accounting - $100K compounded by X% by 30 years. Look! By buying a car, this is XXX how much you have lost!!!


    I don't have a car.

    That makes me a "giam siap gui"!

    I too cheap to buy a car :(


    1. Hahahah SMol,

      Ya, that makes you a giam gana. No la, I realize most bloggers are frugal, not giam. You left out oily man when counting those with a car.

  3. Hi SMOL,

    It's a good question. I thought over it through the night and here's what I think reflects what I think:

    Financial freedom is good to have but not necessary for me. I'm already as free as I want to right here right now. I don't need to delay my freedom by pushing it years down the road. It's of course good to have it, but I suspect that once I achieved it, I might even work with a new found vigor because money is no longer an issue. I can take up a lot more charity cases without second guessing whether I'm trading off too much time for such purposes.

    1. LP,


      Frugality is good when its "natural". Its a habit or lifestyle thing. We do what comes naturally to us.

      Something is not right when we try too hard... Or when our decisions become too contrived.

      That's financial freedom to "escape"; not to achieve...

      You and I have found our "ikigai" - we know why we get up in the morning for.

    2. Hi SmOl and LP,

      I realize how fortunate it is to have a job and love it. Not many can count this blessing I realize. LOL

      AND IF it pays decently. What more to ask of

  4. Well shopping in Japan is a dream for any women and the items that are available there are sometimes limited editions and don't even get me started on the cuteness!

    Sweet of you to present the gift for your wife :)

    On the other hand, financial freedom for me is to be able to pursue what I want to do with my life, without any financial restrictions. Having said that, it's not something like travelling around the world for a year staying in luxurious hotel (I'll probably need to start an app and sell it for a million dollars - think some guy did that!)
    I think most importantly, it is having enough (and that is what we need to define for ourselves) to move ourselves away from a full-time job, and engage in things that we are more passionate about, such as charity causes or even others (like going back to school for a second degree etc.)

    1. Yes kate,

      The retail experience in Japan is really quite good. It's not just about price but also variety and service etc. the environment clean and neat ... even the mum and pop shops are neat

      Yes. Those I wanted too. Charity etc. without worry of pay cut. But slowly does it. My lifestyle currently is just not meant to be. I have accepted it

  5. Uncle Temp,

    U are right, where got everyday Sunday and things be at such a discount.

    I actually wish I had bought a better and bigger one and got a little something for my close friend too.

    Because of my short hair, I never have chance to let my hair down. LOL

    We are the same type, I did not spend anything on myself beside a shirt, and that is because I am short of one for school visit. ( thought there are only 2 days with such formal visits Instead of 3)

    But I dun need these things anyway. I enjoy giving more, my wife is like me when overseas, always buying things for others

  6. Hi SI,

    My mum got admitted into a hospital yet again recently and it reminded me about the fragility of life once more. We all die eventually anyway.

    No point achieving financial freedom if we do not spend any meaningful time with our loved ones. In fact, this recent episode made me quite ashamed for neglecting my mum. I have not brought her out on oversea trips before just because I wanted to squirrel more $$ into my savings.

    I guess financial achievement is more of a journey than a end-process for me now. What matters is that my love ones and I continue to enjoy this journey that has no time limit.

    And lastly, just to add on, health is indeed wealth!

    1. This is true!

      Whether we are seeking financial freedom or happy retirement; we have to focus on the journey with our loved ones. Not sure what is the point when we leave behind big fat purse which is waiting for someone else or strangers became close friends to spend it for us.

    2. Hi CW,

      Yes yes. A pity it took me some time to understand this principle.

      I'm also saying this now as a sort of reminder. There have been many health scares in my family over the last couple of years and I've also been all talk and little action with regards to my promise of cherishing my loved ones.

      And in our pursuit for financial achievement, let's not forget to do good to society too. I'm saying this because I've been blessed to be on the receiving ends of the kind deeds of other people. It'll be good for me to pay it forward😉

  7. Passive Peon,

    I am so sorry to hear that. There is no need to feel ashame and guilt. From what I read, your mum is frugal too.

    Focus on what u can do now, there is a lot to be done.

    CW and Peon
    There is always this dilemma, no one in their right mind just save and save, we all see the value in spending.

    The balance is between saving for a "delayed sustainable gratification" or even if not that, saving for a big raining day.

    That balance is an art and also science

    Maybe u can share that balance in your course

    1. Hi SI,

      Yup she's frugal, as most elderlies are. Ask her want to eat this, or travel there, she confirm say dunwan la, save money.

      But yea, once she recover, there'll be a lot more I can do for her ;)

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