Friday, April 14, 2017

Random thoughts: Are u attracted to labels

Labels? What is the first thing that comes to your mind?


Let me guess. Brands? Handbags etc. Labels refer to anything that can be classify under a name. Brand is a label premises on a PROMISE of quality and a particular experience. 

Concepts is a label too. Label makes communication easy. Say "fallen angel" in investment context and people understand. It's makes complex and detailed information concise.

It could do the reverse too. I make people react to the first and basic information without regarding the discourse of it. Let's try another example. Free Cash Flow is good. 

There are traditional ways and conservative ways of calculating FCF, and there is limitation and justifying of -ve of FCF at times. It's easy to gross over the the exceptions and the underlying assumptions made.

Then there are concepts too deep and complex to be label. Let's try this. Buddhism. Tier 1 Label. Ok, Karma, Dharna etc, all concepts all labels. How to explain properly? 

Then there are many concepts and ideas not crystallize into labels yet or those labels are not accepted universally. So not many will understand it. Does it mean those ideas and concepts are not worthy? 

I used to conveniently use labels. For report writing, etc, it is useful. Did u use labels to explain deep concepts simply or use labels to make simple ideas sound very "atas"?

I have always scratch the surface of many concepts. I rely too much on labels. 

From 道德经:

labels are to classify. Make communication and understanding easier. Labels makes analysis easier. But when u move beyond the labels, concepts converge. Everything converge, into a chaotic Mess. 

My own fun interpretation, I no license. Dun take me seriously. But I dun mind u poking me. 


  1. Hi SI,

    I try to deconstruct something when I am trying to understand it. Then I see if I it can be applied to new situations. Once you get the gist of the concept, the name is no longer a concern. At best, it's a convenience so that when you mentioned a 'label', everyone knows what you're talking about.

    Elon Musk has a great idea. He breaks down things and analyse it from first principle. We should all try doing that haha :)

  2. Oh LP,

    I am very sure u will not have a problem with label when trying to "learn"

    U have no other motives or goals. U have no deadlines to meet. U learn for knowledge and most importantly for yourself first.

    I have not read about Elon yet, but given that u deconstruct, there is no problem. Because u look at the whole before u can "break". My stupidity in the past is I look at the parts and use it immediately ... LOL

  3. Sillyinvestor,

    Who dares to poke you when you talk philosophy?


    见人说人话, 见鬼说鬼话。


    1. SMOL,



  4. You labelled yourself as "silly investor". Does the "silly" label describe the "investor" part of you in a concise manner? Or do you want to have your reader to have the "silly" image of you as an investor?

    Labelling used in a correct manner, give a correct concise representation, else it exaggerate a wrong imprecise representation.


    1. When sillyinvestor made $1m from the market; he changes to smartinvestor?

    2. Hi M,

      That is a thought provoking question! Well done! The silly label was formed 3 years ago, then I knew there were many better analysts in the bloggersphere that do better analysis. I also knew there are many forummers with mind blowing returns. However, I still like to write about company prospecting so as to "disclaim" myself, it was a unconscious reflection of lack of confidence as well as ego. Why ego? Because since I already manage "expectations" of silly, I can bush in the glory of NOt silly... when I get it right occasionally. SO you are right to observe that the label is to have reader have a "managed" image of me. LOL

      Yup! the power of words! When we have nothing else but words to rely on... Then the labels exert great influence... But when we have face to face experience, I see what you do, you feel, etc... SO words then become secondary...

    3. CW,

      Muhahahahahaha, 1 MIO? Maybe if I work at this pace for another 30 years??? I promised you if I get my 1 million from the market before 60, I will change the blog name to SIBEI POWER investor

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