Thursday, August 10, 2017

Random thoughts: My first comic strip creation

Created to help my kids revise Chapter 11.

Feeling very proud of myself. LOL







  1. Replies
    1. ;) hope the efforts is worth it.

      My pupils are not the motivated ones. Not a single soul revise their vocab


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks UN.

      Think the boys like it better. The girls in my class 没反应

  3. Hi SI,

    wah, got potential to be manga artist :) Hehe

  4. Interesting! How I wish i can be your student too. Saw u in the library with your kids this morning, if the kids willing to come early for your lessons, I think u win their heart. :)

    1. Hello Anon,

      U are KW? I think I might have win a few hearts. But I hope I dun give hope just to dash hope, like last year.

      I am going slower since it's P5. Longer time to build foundation

    2. yes its me. haha...

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