Monday, January 1, 2018

Random thoughts: New Year New Gadgets

I started with 2018 being quite loose with money. I use money to improve productivity. I seldom pay to use online tools, but I sign up Pro acc for Purple Culture Chinese tools, so that I can create word puzzle, Bingo Sheets, and Flash cards faster. I also went for a paid version for PDF converter, I know there are many free versions, and using Word Documents can convert PDF file too. But they usually get converted in a messy manner, but not the paid version when I use the trial.

I have also finally make the switch from Iphone to Xiaomi, and I love it. I am quite turned off by the high price tag and I remembered LP raving about Xiaomi, so I bought I Mi Mix 2 and I love it. The screen size is big, exactly what I wanted because I do a lot of reading online, and frequently blogged using my Phone too. The transition from IOS to Android took only 1 day of pain and I am used to the interface already.

I gotten my phone at 30% of the price of a iphone 8 plus which I am considering too, I considered it value for money and I like the light-weight of Mi Mix. Also, backing up is now easier since I already use Google Drive. The paid storage of iCloud and Google Drive is also hell lots of difference.

The fingerprint unlock system works really well, and I like the daily changing screen saver wall paper. It is beautiful and makes me relaxed and happy. (Yeah, I am not a tech gig, I like these small touches more than anything else) Reviews speak of poor night camera functions and that it is fragile if you dropped it. Thats why I am extra careful with it. As for photos, I am not a artist, I just need to keep the memory of what has happened, the effects of it, I can forgo...

 (Beautiful, isn't it? I like surprises, yesterday it was an Icy world)

I used to love apple interface, it is intuitive, but I believed those who convert from Apple will hardly miss iOS, given the price and will most probably not returned anymore. Those who used iMAC might have a tougher time switching.

I am so happy with the price that my wife also wanted a Mi Max 2, an older version but with bigger screen and lasting battery. It costs only $275, and comes with external storage option. We went Challenger to try out the phone. No one is playing with iPhone anymore. I am not sure if I am biased after the conversion or if it is a conincident. But the adults and kids are all trying Samsung and various phones.  

I also signed up for a FSM account and enjoyed reading some of the articles and finding up more about the performance of ETFs and funds. I have decide to expand my radar beyond local equities.  while I have no prior experience and will most probably have to pay some school fees as I learn how to invest overseas, I thought it is important that I diversified reasonably.

New toys, old love.

Happy New Year to all.


  1. sillyinvestor,

    Happy New Year!

    I also changed to my Xiaomi 4i 2 years back through introduction from LP ;)

    I wanted something that can fit into my jeans front pocket; not going to put my phone in my back pocket sticking out like "ah lians"...

    I prefer smaller phones. It seems 5 inch screen is the max for me. I dinosaur. I use the phone for sms and the calculator function. LOL!

    I like Xiaomi. The name is cute!

    1. Happy new year Amol

      Yup, I love it ... It's ok if I am the odd one having a mi phone ... As long as it is cheap

      I learning to sync and backup photos and videos to Google photo and forgot to turn on WiFi ... Burst my data like nobody business

    2. Haha, Xiaomi should give me an introductory fees for recommending customers to them :)

      Glad both of you liked my recommendations. I'm using a mi5 currently (because it fits my pocket). Will be going to mi 6 should my battery cannot make it already. Mi 6 also have this portrait bokeh mode to take nice pictures too, so don't play play haha

    3. Haha, ya they should pay u to blog for them.

      Hmmm what is mi 6 same as mi max? Only saw mi max mimix mi note lei

  2. 2 times congrats.
    Firstly, to your new phone. My HTC One XL is approaching six years very soon and I slowly have to look out for a substitute.
    Secondly, to your strong intention to tackle your home bias by investing globally. No other substitute available here to get to a truly diversified portfolio. Hopefully you can resist the unit trusts peddled by FSM and head straight for the lower cost ETFs.
    And then don't listen to Jared when he shares his opinions on ETFs!

    1. Hi Andy, happy new year

      ETF can be traded too. Although most people prefer the discipline and slow approach to ETF investing

      If my 3 years record in a bull market is just about 3-10%, I might as well try ETF which is more diversed


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