Monday, January 22, 2018

Random thoughts: A night stay at the hospital

My dad claims he is seeing things at the hospital, so I decided to stay overnight to accompany him.

It's at B2 ward, so it's packed with another 4 patients. It can be very noisy even late at night with nurses checking on the patients and the patient beside my dad coughing and clearing his phelgm.

The next day, my dad said he is scare of the person beside him passing away, and that he has big eyes,and look rather scary.

My wife told me that during meal time, that patient beside my dad do look at my dad, because he is being fed through a tube, and while my dad might comment that the daily  non changing diet of porridge is getting bland and boring, it never dawn on me that it is considered a luxury for the patient beside him.

Hence that look.

Not sure why I am quite affected by my wife observation. Make me realise the things we take for granted, like eating.

I am also thinking to myself that night that the man beside my dad is really quite noisy, how do my dad get a proper sleep. There is no sense of empathy at all.

His wife is always accompanying him when I visit, and after seeing me for a few days, gave me a smile.

How will I go next time, I just hope my mind is still strong, if I cannot control which organ or cells to fail.


  1. In your case, you can still work towards a health plan that allows for Class A1 stay.

    1. Hi EH,

      To be honest, we are concerned about costs, all beds are full at that point of admission too.


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  2. Sillyinvestor,

    You've grown.

    Women are better than us in such things when it comes to reading between the lines. Don't be too harsh on yourself; but don't let this reflection go to waste either.

    Your dad would prefer "always"; just like the patient beside your dad would prefer solid food.

    "Always" is about relationships; Class A1 is about dollars and cents.


    1. Hi smol,

      Indeed, able to accept "always" as "had a great time" is wisdom

      Seriously, looking back, the period of time I hate most is when I am on holiday overseas. I prefer working and being with people that matters. The overseas holiday bring out greed and vanity in people .

  3. Stay A Ward. Everyday no visitors. Happy Bo?

    1. Of course, CW, many people can have the cake and eat it, but I just do what we can comfortably.

      It's not just EH, even my wife ask me why is my mum in private and my dad in public hospital.

  4. Hi

    /sorry to hear about your dad. Do stay strong

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