Monday, April 30, 2018

Random story: Liu Bang and investment world parrallel?

See if u can tell what I want to say about investment through the historical or frictional event about Liu Bang.


When the Qin Dynasty main forces are engaged by Xiang Yu elsewhere, Liu Bang managed to take HanZhong, the capital of Qin Dynasty. The rebel's puppet Emperor made a pact with all fractions of rebels that whoever conquer HanZhong would be the King of HanZhong.

Liu Bang took the City, but didn't claim the throne of the king. He followed the advice of Zhang Liang and pretended that he sealed the treasury of HanZhong and kept everything intact so that he could pass it to Xiang Yu and let him decide who to be King, and what frief the different rebel warlords should get.

Xiangyu gave him the outlaying area of BaShu, the misunderstood area that is thought to be underdeveloped and useless strategically.

There are plenty of calls for Liu Bang to claim what is rightfully his. But he went on to BaShu with many deserting him because BaShu is really a far and exiled place. Whoever was left are the most loyal to him.

Everwarlords that participated in the rebellion had a whale of time as they get their due rewards. Even surrendered generals of the late Qin Dynasty were given important area to governed and the surrendered commander governed HanZhong.

Everyone thought Liu Bang is finished.

We all knew how it went in the end.


One of the greatest Commander of Liu Bang is Han Xin. At his low, he even crawl underneath the legs of Xiang Yu.

Not that everyone didn't know of his capabilities. Xiangyu's advisor ask Xiangyu to give him a important post or kill him.

Xiangyu did neither and he deflected to Liu Bang. When Liu Bang needed him to finish off XiangYu, he bargained to be made a king too. Which Liu Bang knew he had no choice but to accept.

When Liu Bang became the Emperor, his top 3 commanders had different fates, Zhang Liang left quietly, Xiao He continue to work wholeheartedly and even pandered to Empress Xiao to survive and he survived well. Han Xin is one that didn't enjoy his good fortunes for too long.


So, draw your own conclusions, and have fun


  1. Hi fellow Investor, let me try to link it up and you tell me whether my interpretation is the silly one a not:
    1. There are different methodologies in investment. Example value investing via financial numbers, technical analysis and many other school of thoughts. At any juncture, one should be flexible and not stick to any one way to decide on buying or selling off one's investment. It really depends on the situation at that particular time. Just like Liu Bang playing soft albeit him going into Hanzhong first. Time is not ripe flexible and wait for the right opportunity to strike out.
    2. Rule of investment should never follow the herd instinct. As long as one keep one's mind open and be willing to continuously evaluate and keep learning, all is not lost. Even when others scorn or think your investment style is up the lorry, do not despair. Hang on tight and persevere. Just like when Liu Bang condemned to BaShu.
    3. Being too Yang Gang like Xiang Yu or Han Xin will mean your investment will eventually end up like them....lost all investment capital.
    4. Know when to exit your investment just like Zhang Liang. One must always assess the market situation to be aware of the latest changes and where the wind is blowing.
    Whahaha...what do you think?


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  2. Hihi blade knight,

    I really like your point 3 and 4. There is no wrong or silly interpretation, in fact, you saw something that I didn't think of.

    Honestly, what I had in mind is different from your 4 points, but it is cool.

    Just curious, dun u find point 1 a bit contradictory to point 2? If one dun have a core strategy or strategies that one has convinction on, how does one soldiered on even when banished to BaShu?

    Zhang Liang, hahahahaha I like ... Exiting at the high, how the hell did I not think of that ... Hanxin, chasing high and buy higher, killing himself.

    Xiaohe, manwhore, whoever in power help who, whatever market conditions market is in, act accordingly.

    I wish I can be xiaohe, if not Zhang Liang. But I think I am just SI hahahaha not even hanxin who once hold the balance of world (China power) in his hand.

    He is poached by both Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, his decision will really determine the outcome of history there and then. Maybe he hated Xiang Yu for not appreciating his talents and humiliating him. He had really wanted to work for Xiang Yu in the begining ... In fact Zhang Liang was under Xiang Yu for a while ...

  3. This Story is making investing looks so difficult. May be most of us should just do DCA or VCA on STI ETF or for more adventurous ones global indexes.

    1. Hahaa, that's fun,

      Everyone see what they want to see

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