Thursday, April 2, 2020

Random thoughts: My thought on Covid19, the life it changes

U might find some of what I am going to say offensive. But this is how I feel.

1) Living in fear is not living

I am not suggesting anyone to not take social distancing seriously and still go party on the eve of ban of night life. 

I also think it's indeed a worrisome situation currently. But panicking and asking colleagues not to come over the desk and avoiding people like plague, is perhaps overdoing it.

I understand we all need a little more stockpile of food to have that sense of security. But when a friend bought more, u want to buy even more or as much, it's quite irritating. 

I don't want to stop work, that is me. I enjoy going to school and looking at the carefree smiles of pupils. I will remind them to wash their hand and wipe down their desks. If anyone might has close contact with a confirmed case, I leave it to God. If I am to know of it and can take precaution, I will. But u am not going to speculate which pupil took panadol to come to school.

2) Teachers should stop complaining about home based learning and unappreciative parents.

I am a teacher. Most of my parents are appreciative, but I have my fair share of demanding and unreasonable parents. I don't consider myself a frontier worker, unless u see it as everyone is a front line worker with a part to play. 

If anything, I find it more peaceful now. Learning packages are pupils related learning. I rather spend time on these than learning journeys, event management, and presentations of projects, development of curriculum and that sort of stuff. Some are just wayang. My hours are not any shorter, but I am happier. I find that we are finally going back to the basics, but it's the basics that I find most important.

3) Reits and landlords are squeezing their tenants

There are many people lamenting about landlords suffering. Distributions are reduced, but hey, if u are not expecting to be affected, u are living in moon. 

Of course reits prices are going to fall, but this is a good opportunity to buy at the right price if you can endure this exceptional period of low yield (due to poor income), but when recovery comes, it should be still a decent investment.

If u ask me, if tenants or landlords are having it worse. I say tenants are bleeding and some are bleeding to death, and landlords are just have a bruised knee or elbow.

When the government gave some bandages, I think it's only enthical that such bandages to be given to the bleeding tenants and the landlord suck thumb and stand upright despite the minor wounds.

The bandages didn't come from you, stop hoarding them or play god and decide who to give. Give it all out. If u have some spare, then be kind. Don't hoard money meant for "diseaster relief"