Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Silverlake axis- Could trust be rebuild?

Apparently, no many think Silverlake could turn around and see better days.

For the past 6 months, shares buyback is relentless, just check the sgx announcements, and the volume bought back should not be scoff at.

Price hardly move when the market is busy cheonging.

For the past 3 quarters, it is dishing out special dividends as it milk GIT.

Price hardly move.

The last few quarters that are projecting improvement in special projects revenues and in this quarter, guided that liensing revenue would be growing.

Still no impact.

Dr Goh is owning 70% of the company, is injecting companies via shares at premium prices, making his stake even bigger, and a easier target for privatisation

Price went south

I have got it all wrong and I have recently accumulate further, this counter itself forms 30% of the portfolio.

Maintainance and repair revenue is dropping.
Perhaps this is what market worry about.

Perhaps market still worried about razor short selling report

Perhaps market is worried about corporate governance.

Nonetheless, I decided to go contrary on this one.

I hope I am not wrong again and again.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Random thoughts: unexpected conversation during relief lesson

Was tasked to relief a P2 class, I know with my temperament, it is not easy to teach lower primary, but we'll, it's still better than doing admin.

The instructions left by the teacher is to teach vocab, so I just try my nonsensical way for them to remember the word 送

I ask, what word did u see? They said 天,I say the 2 dots are eyes in the sky, and it is watching u, if u are good, just like santa, it will send a gift, hence it is 送。

They are amused, lower primary pupils are easily amused by difficult to manage to be quiet and pay attention. Some ask, what about the left side.

Hmm... As I didn't prepare for my lesson, I just very randomly ask, what does the left side look like to u?

I buy time to ransack my brain for ideas. In the end, i say part of the left side look like a thunder bolt isn't it? So, if u are not good, but happen to be very very bad, 老天劈你。They laughed. I ask them to close their eyes and see if they can remember how to write the word, they could remember the meaning, the pronounication and strokes. Mission accomplished, and I ask them to do their writing exercises.

A boy came up to me and ask me, "good people go heaven and bad people go hell right" I say hmmm...

Then he continued, "because there is Jesus right"

I recognize the boy, he was the one at the student care center giving hell to all sorts of teachers. Just last week the office actually called me to bring him down to see the principal. I was amused and ask "why need me" they told me he was difficult and had refused to move when the office staff went to pick him

I went, he was not austic, he just had issues. He crawled under the table and was screaming and crying. With the school counselor, we play good cop bad cop and mange to get him down in 5 min (no prize for guessing who is the bad cop)

Back to the class, I find him quite obedient in my class, and he actually followed my instructions during my teaching to raise their hands and wait for.me to call on them if they wish to speak. So I ask him "where is heaven and where is hell"

He pointed to the sky and say heaven is up there and point to the ground and say hell is below.

I put my hand over his shoulder and bring him back to his seat and say "heaven and hell are in your heart, when u are happy, u feel like you are in heaven and when u are unhappy, u feel like u are in hell, isn't it"

He was kind of taken aback, and after some thinking, nodded his head.

I ask, "are u happy with what happen at the student center last week?" He shook his head and suddenly very loudly exclaimed "Hey! U remembered me"

It was my turn to be amused

What an unforgettable experience for something not planned

Tuesday, February 6, 2018







Sunday, February 4, 2018

Random thoughts: Journey memory method Part 2

Have been using this method for a month with pupils.

Has been using for pupils to remember words, then sentences then paragraphs

Even up till paragraphs, it still work. But there are a few reflections.

1) Prevent wastage.

For whatever picture that pupils conjured with to remember whatever key words, make sure the pic is clean and easy to connect with other key words. Too much stand alone pictures cluttered the place to store the pictures.

2) Only use phonetic to create pic when the word hold no meaning to pupil, this is a direct contradiction to earlier reflection.

3) 10 sec rule
If they can't think of anything within 10 sec, it's too long. Reset.

After they think of something, within 10 sec ask them to link back what they are supposed to recall, if link broken, choose another pic.


It works wonder for my weakest but most motivated pupil. His reading is so poor that now, he still can't read basic words like "go", but can remember all the tough vocab words and read them.

There are pupils whose weakest link is the heart, and just wanted to quickly get past whatever quota. It doesn't matter to her that she forget everything the next day when the rest can retain 50-90%

I am trying to move beyond rote memory to internalized understanding by getting pupils to actively use the vocabulary learnt, and using mindmap, logical thinking and framework to reduce the need for memory journey all the time.

Hope I have some success.

The better class can easily transfer what they learn and apply it in similar situations after simple coaching, for them, the need to commit to memory is lower but if they do so, it became highly effective.

I used to need to spend at least 2-3 days of lesson for pupils to understand how to elaborate on their writing.

When they have a few samples as their memory base, I achieve what I hope to achieve within 1 hour.