Monday, March 6, 2023

Random thoughts: The win, loss and the coaching

This is not a post about investment.

Is about volleyball, the CCA I am in charge of. This is my second year coaching, until today, I am still learning how to do better. 

I must first explained, coaching and playing are 2 different things. Having played since secondary till my uni days at competitive level means I have a rather good understanding of the game, but it only help so much. Coaching is like management, what u want to do with the sessions, how you organise the kids, what role they play, what strategy to use, and most importantly, how to get the basics right.

I caught myself yelling a lot at the kids. I wonder if I am too results conscious.

Today, we lost the "semi final", but I am rather happy. It was the best game the kids have played. The opponent is better with less mistakes. 

I feel more at ease knowing that I actually really just wanted them to reach their potential. 

It is sad to see them go, but as compare to last year, I have many in the junior squad waiting this year.

I have manage better.

Looking at how the top 2 teams play, have also given my ideas how to train. 

I will miss them, although they are not as close as last year batch. 

I am also glad that finally, things have come to an end. I believe is decent results to be in the national top 4 and top 8

The top 8 is already hard fought with a good draw of hands. Given the boys are not motivated and didn't really train hard last year. Guess boys like last minute work, this year they played like mad. It is results beyond my expectations le. If only... ... But life has no second chances

I am also glad that many of them who can't even serve a ball in Nov last year, can hold their nerve with the top 4 teams and play a game with good rally to and fro.

It is very tiring to spend mornings and recess practising service and the sorts. 

I felt like a stupid fool at times too. I just keep telling myself is for development, I am in the education line. 

May I continue to have the strength and passion and hone my craft.