Monday, November 25, 2019

Random thoughts: 2019, a year of change and pain

I have wanted to blog about this.

2019 is a year of major changes. This is the year I teach a big class of mix ability. I have always deployed myself to teach the weakest of all pupils, but my previous principal insisted that I change.
The challenges I faced teaching the class is small compared to the immense satisfaction I had as I see them grow and progress.

I am glad all of them pass with flying colors in PSLE. I had hope to produce at least 1 A*, and would have create history if I succeeded. Looking back, having pupils in my class fighting for an A* and believing that they could is already an achievement, because most came to me, just passing the subject. I remember the look in their face, when I told them they have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, if they fight for A*. No one will expect it from them, no one even talks about it with them. It is a high point in my teaching, when those who are already achieving A did not rest on their laurels and continue to push themselves.

This is also the year, I lost my dad. It was a painful year for him, as his health deteriorated. Care-giving could be tiring and frustrating at times. It is also a challenge trying to juggle work with care-giving. I remembered asking pupils to come back for extra lessons during the June holidays and my dad's conditions took a turn for a worse. I didn't cancel those lessons, and I am only 1 day into the week lesson when my dad passed away in the evening.

Strangely, the feeling of lost struck with me for a while, but the grief went away quite quickly.

I was getting ready to return to school when I suddenly had the symptoms of a heart attack. I went to A and E and was admitted to hospital for 3 days. Luckily, its a false alarm and the doctor said the cause could be due to the nerves at the neck being strained.

My health in 2019 was really bad. I had difficulties breathing and need to be put on inhaler. My annual health check also show red flags regarding the liver.

However, I was generally still grateful and happy for the year, as I prepare the biggest change in my worklife. I decided to step down as a HOD and prepare to be a senior teacher. The building up of the portfolio is quite painful as I hate report writing. The OPEN Class experience is also a painful one.

But as I wind down the year, I realize I am happier, looking forward to 2020.

However, perhaps because I grown so close to some of my pupils (I would think the feelings might not be mutual), I actually missed them, and I am quite surprise and sad that some did not come over to talk to me or say good bye during the day of results release.


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Company prospecting: Kingsmen

Kingsmen stock price has tumbles. I shall not bored u with numbers and analysis other bloggers have blogged about. (Fifth person write up is good)

Nerf experince park is touted as one of the grow drivers for the company, and possibly to scale up to expand overseas or locally.

My scuttlebutt online from Google reviews is poor.

I ask my wife to bring my son, niece and nephew to visit the "playground". It is actually just that, with competition of SPARK at suntec which is within walking distance.

There is also bounce, concept or thematic playground.

None of the kids prefer Nerf over the other 2 experince.

I interview my wife and the kids in detailed. I think they make poor business sense. First, the place is small, and hardly crowded. (Granted it is a weekday, but hey, it's the holiday)

Second, out of 4 stations, only one is about shooting experience. There is a high element course, which I thought is common and can be seen anywhere. (U can find it at the zoo, not I am not kidding)

The unique experience of "compete" of shooting , need to be booked in advance and is fully booked when my wife and kids went over. Luckily the guide let them in for a quick game. Otherwise, there is totally no Nerf experince. 

My kids prefer bounce at cinesleisure or spark at suntec. 

My business sense is if nothing is changed for the experince, I have doubts over its survivability, nevermind profitability.

I had wanted to acquire Kingsmen as a possible turnaround play. Now, I passed. 

Friday, November 1, 2019

Advertisement: Cakes for sale


A friend of mine is a freelance Baker of cakes. Her cakes are creative and can be customized to your needs.

Beautiful isn't it. 

If u really interested, call her and say u are referred by Mr Ng, u will get a discount. Although this is advertorial post, I receive no referral incentive of whatever. Hahaha.