Sunday, February 25, 2024

Random thought: Losing and coping with the disappointment

 Not talking about losing money in investment here.

Is about my kids losing a competition.

Regular readers would know I coach volleyball in my school, and I enjoyed it a lot. The kids give it their best too. They came for morning trainings, some reaching school as early as 6.30 a.m. They asked for recess practice and came 15 min before CCA starts. 

I have a group of committed and passionate pupils. 

Hence the disappointment when they cannot reach the top 4.

The format of NSG has changed, such that last year top 8 schools will start playing each other from the start, called the pool stage. Group A, which makes up the top 8 teams will have 2 teams Deleagued, and then the remainding 6 will reshuffled and play against the top 2 teams from Group B. This round of game is called League 1.

There are several advantages of this format, as compared to the past Zonal and National Competitions. One, the recreational players will unlikely meet the powerhouse and get crushed. The power house gain more experince playing with teams around the same standard. 

My kids just scrapped past being deleagued but have lost 2 games in League 1 and hence will not be able to play in the top 4 games. 

My disappointment:

1) If the kids train hard, and do what I told them. I share the resposibility. For the boys' team, I think I underestimate the level of game. I think the level of play has improved the last year, the top 8 teams in my humble opinon are playing like the top 4 teams of last year.

My boys are already better all rounded and more prepared as compared to last year team, yet they still lost, and I feel, fair and square to a better or equal team.

2) The girls team are Okies. We managed to beat the second team in Round 1. However, the form is very inconsistent, and when they don't play well, the whole team don't play well, and they are like playing at 30% of their training standard. I am not sure how to improve this part.

My resolution:

After reviewing the games with the coaches, we do have some ideas how to improve our training goin forward. Like the boys need to learn to block, and aim during service and spiking. 

Girls need to work on stress management every training session etc.

My pain:

As I said, they have around every morning, recess, and with me since Primary 3. They did well when they are in junior team, being the first and second in the competition. Although it is no one's fault, I can't help but feel that I fail them and perhaps also their parents, who indulge me with their support for their children to stay back after CCA, come early in the morning etc. 

While, I am not as emotionally affected as compared to the day of loss, I still feel the heartache now and then... I wonder when will it go away.