Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Random thoughts: To sell into strength?

Coincidentally, today I received a message from a friend and a broker. My broker advise me to take profit as STI has hit 3200, but I didn't like the fear tactics deployed comparing to Lehman moment, which I think is pure bullshit. My friend ask me why STI hit 3200, when the economy has not recovered.

I did took a hard look at all my counters and I DO Wish to take some profits off the table, yet, when I examine the results to buy, they are still intact, even using a generic reason of rebalancing didn't really make sense, as counters that run the most doesn't really take up a big chunk of my portfolio. Yup, my bigger bets didn't do as well as my smaller bets. I do want to keep a sizable portfolio vested as I believed my entry price is of value.

I am quite sure the market is due for a breather, I am not too sure if there will be a correction (10 percent drop) and I find it unlikely that the market will go to bear 🐻 status. ( That would properly be my break even price and I will likely hit my head again) and I believe it is even more remote for it to reach March low of 2020. I use no leverage and I have holding power if the worst do happen. 

I know there are many schools of thought, some TA investors might make sure of the volatility and earn the gap. I am not in that school.

Some traders also might see resistance or momentum and want to profit from it.

I am rather the boring guy who buy when I see a gap to valuation, and sell when I believe the growth catalysts are all fulfilled or if it is overvalued due to euphoria. 

Looking at the counters I had, I did trim TianNeng Power from HK, but other than that, I see a few more quarters of good reports, and I also see a fundamental shift in business structure for quite a few companies.

Ya.. I, like what some other investors, say, are the subjective opinioned guy.

I think I can sleep with my though process though, as I suffer no cognitive dissonance. 

Hope u be at peace at your choice and huat. I hope I made the right call.  

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Random thoughts aplenty

My Dad Money values

Been missing my dad. He keep appearing in my mind. I remembered once he was hospitalised, I paid for his bills. It was during my NS time. 

He told me he will pay me back. I refused, and told him it is fine. In those days, there isn't easy transfer of money, I refused to take his cash. I said it is fine, really.

I remembered one fine day, when I am checking my balance, I suddenly found a few thousand more. My dad has took my bank book and went to the bank to deposit the money. He told me he can still manage.

Years later, when I graduated. He told me he will pass me 5K. I ask whatever for. He told me he gave 500 a month to my elder brother and elder sister when they are doing their undergraduate studies. He won't be giving me that, but will give me a lump sum. I told him not to worry about that, in fact, I signed a bond with the ministry so that my studies will be fully paid for, and I get a allowance so that he can retired. He doesn't have to hang on there being a hawker just for me.

Anyway, I jokingly told him the sum doesn't add up. I he should keep the money for himself since he is no longer working. Come wedding day, he gave a hongbao of 5 thousand.

My father is a hawker who only finished primary 2 education. Yet, he is a Man of his word when money is concerned. He told me he cannot show favouritism.

In case u think he is just loose with money, or that he is overly pampering his children. He leads a very frugal life. Every year end bonus, I would top up my allowance by a bit for him. One day, he told me that my brother didn't do that, and that it isn't "nice"

I told my brother about it. I believed it is not about the money per se, but being fair in money matters. 

One does not need to be rich to be principled in money matters.

Run your own race

I have my fair share of rat race. Corporate race, self-imposed investment race, trying to beat the investment bloggers and forummers out there.

It is a Zen action. From feeling delusional, jealous, I feel less of a need to prove myself.

I believe when we are young, we should work hard and try our best to climb the ladder, the win the race. But I reached the stage of life where I much appreciate to run my own race, be it in my job or investment returns.

I only hope for 圆满, rather than 美满, in whatever I do. I need closures, not fairy tales 

I know of several people who profited handsomely from crypo investment. This time round, I am honest with myself, but I hardly feel much jealously toward them. I really wish them the best and respect them for their understanding and courage in niche investment. I didn't want to go into them despite one of them asking me to invest with him.

I do not have thoughts like, "is risky, see, I told you" but more of I walk my path, I am happy for you if u make it. I know any investment can be profitable if u know how to "get off" or "milk it"

I do feel like bragging about my returns on my blog, but too bad, there is nothing to brag about. But I dun feel unhappy about it.