Sunday, February 4, 2018

Random thoughts: Journey memory method Part 2

Have been using this method for a month with pupils.

Has been using for pupils to remember words, then sentences then paragraphs

Even up till paragraphs, it still work. But there are a few reflections.

1) Prevent wastage.

For whatever picture that pupils conjured with to remember whatever key words, make sure the pic is clean and easy to connect with other key words. Too much stand alone pictures cluttered the place to store the pictures.

2) Only use phonetic to create pic when the word hold no meaning to pupil, this is a direct contradiction to earlier reflection.

3) 10 sec rule
If they can't think of anything within 10 sec, it's too long. Reset.

After they think of something, within 10 sec ask them to link back what they are supposed to recall, if link broken, choose another pic.


It works wonder for my weakest but most motivated pupil. His reading is so poor that now, he still can't read basic words like "go", but can remember all the tough vocab words and read them.

There are pupils whose weakest link is the heart, and just wanted to quickly get past whatever quota. It doesn't matter to her that she forget everything the next day when the rest can retain 50-90%

I am trying to move beyond rote memory to internalized understanding by getting pupils to actively use the vocabulary learnt, and using mindmap, logical thinking and framework to reduce the need for memory journey all the time.

Hope I have some success.

The better class can easily transfer what they learn and apply it in similar situations after simple coaching, for them, the need to commit to memory is lower but if they do so, it became highly effective.

I used to need to spend at least 2-3 days of lesson for pupils to understand how to elaborate on their writing.

When they have a few samples as their memory base, I achieve what I hope to achieve within 1 hour.


  1. "I am trying to move beyond rote memory to internalized understanding by getting pupils to actively use the vocabulary learnt, and using mindmap, logical thinking and framework to reduce the need for memory journey all the time."

    How you do it? Share share...

    1. No results yet.

      Just thought the oral part in experience, they can just use compo skills of feelings + conversation

      Even they try to remember words using the journey method, already classify the words.

      I classify according to word class but it didn't help. Did mind map but dun seem to work well. Maybe try 1-2 more times then see how

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