Sunday, June 19, 2022

Random thoughts: A School Holiday Break

The weird insights of my break from work

1) Misses work for the first week of break, but apprehensive about restarting work in the third week.

2) Watch and then finished reading "Demon Slayers". The Anime Art blow my mind, but what really sticks is the line "there is no heaven or hell, that is a concept imagined by weaklings who cannot do anything about their sufferings"

I agreed with it. Althought it is words uttered by demon, we should live out lives to the fullest or to the way we wanted, there is no need to hope for heaven or wish the hell for others. 

3) Reading Dalio "Changing World Order" and Grayting "history of philosophy"

The mind is the most beautiful and effective when combined with the most powerful computer or the most trialling circumstances. 

Live the experiences, and let them become tools of enlightenment and research

4) Simplicity is enjoyed by kids too.

We planned a camping or rather Glaming trip for our son and nieces and relative kids 

We planned bowling, aracde trip, BBQ, jumpolin etc, surprise and surprise. Most of them said they enjoyed the BBQ of Masmalo most, and second the visit to turtle muesem at ORTO.

I shall start work again tomorrow. Looking forward to it. 


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    I see you're a Man of Culture too!

    Demon Slayer power right?

    The fight choreography, the music, the clever use of computer graphics and hand drawn characters, simply a breath of fresh air!

    Now patiently waiting for the next season.

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