Monday, January 2, 2023

Surprises in 2022 at work, that i am thankful for

This post is perhaps 1 day late.

2022 has its ups and downs.

These are some surprises in work

1) Creating lessons that are fun, like "cooking" in class, and a Harry Potter escape room

2) Coaching a volleyball team. It is my good fortune this year to meet some of the most passionate players, who turns up without fail before 7 am in the morning to practise, and yet still clamor for more, doing it during recess. I obliged. It is hectic, tiring, and crazy, given i still have my teaching lessons and other duties.

Nonetheless, I will gladly do it again. 

When the NSG season is over, I am kind of sad to see them go. Most are P6 pupils who need to focus on preparing for their exams.

I am happy that most of the dilligent players all gotten DSA to schools of their choice. I told them they are good enough among their peers to apply for any schools, but they need to consider their academic competency too.

Till now, i remembered vividly how they are waiting for me during recess, sipping milo and waving frantically when i walk towards the court. What i didn't expect, is long after their competitions is over, so many of them still crowd around me to chat or simply to listen, when our lunch break coincided. Crowded by them as they simply sat around me is a 千金难买 feeling, especially when i feel 缘分已到尽头. During the holidays, they returned for training and helped me with training.

3) Unforgettable conversations. A parent whose child is not taught by me, (his boy with my team, i taught her elder daughter years ago) came to look for me, wanting to pass me some snacks from Overseas and thanking me for advice given when his son gotten his exam results.  She had wanted to meet another teacher to get some Certificate and i was playing volleyball with the old boys and girls. We ended up chattig for hours and she ordered Macdonald for the kids, when i said some of them didnt take lunch to play volleyball. We ended up having a picnic of sorts, chatting and eating.

One of my most quiet pupil in my graduating class actually told me a lot about her family and show me a lot of photos of her younger sister on the last day of school. I always said she is 冰山, as u can hardly get much response from her in class. She is not that cold afterall. Her mum texted me on the day of release of results, thanking me.

I was tasked to relief a new class after the year end exams. I am surprised that a pupil can earn 50k a year just by chatting to people on a platform with games. I am sure there are plenty of info she didnt tell me, and i told her my concerns about the job taking a nasty turn. Well, i am surprised with the amount of info she is willing to share with a "stranger". I heard enough to feel that she is street smart enough.

Well. I am thankful for these things at work. Happy 2023, have a great year at work too


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    Happy holidays!

    You "sound" a lot happier in this post. Now that's a great start for the year!

    A surprise is something you have not planned or set goals for it.

    Only when our cups are not filled to the brim with agendas or KPIs, then there's space for surprises. Wink.

    P.S. Oh! Must give you a small poke - why is this post perhaps one day late?

    Happy blog, burnout stop.

    1. Smol,

      Thankful for the year mah, should be written before the new year ...
      I only mentioned the ups, but decided to give the downs a miss, what has passed has passed.

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  2. Lower expectations are more likely to have happier or better outcomes.

    1. Hi CW, when the kids and pupils are concerned, I hardly think I have low expectations.

      Is high expectations high satisfactions, if results is poor , there is no regrets too