Friday, May 30, 2014

YZJ update

I found the announcement made by the railway company (that announcement)

I tried reading the announcement a few times, this is what I gather:

1) the company involved is not Ren private investment, it is a investment (share but back aka loan) arrangement through YZJ. It should be one of those HTm loans.

2) most of the accusations are levied at another investment company Taiyuan for seizing the bulk of shares and collaborating with Ren with various terms of contract and passing management rights to Ren, which both benefits from unfair terms of contract.

My thoughts:

I think there is room for judiciary battle. The crux of the matter is unfair terms and Insider trading and flouting of certain clauses of contracts. Am not a lawyer, but the bulk of accusations is leveled at taiyuan investment co.

Bad news is, it is not Ren's private business, it is through the investment vechicle of YzJ.

Those hoping that is a rumors like me, will have no more chance.

1 comment:

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