Saturday, February 21, 2015

Random thoughts: some great places to visit during CNY

Well, it depends on what you want.

If you like crowds, like theme rides and jostling around for the restive spirit, river hongbao is the place for you.

Uncle Ringo pull out his stuff for everyone, there is plenty of rides for the young at heart and kids. 

However, we managed only 4 rides in 2 hours as they are long queues everywhere and my wife and I have already split ourselves up to queue for the kids. ( son and cousin )

If u like peace and quiet and some simple photo taking, which is what I like, airport is not too bad.

They recycled the T3 Christmas decoration by changing at the fringe, but not too bad.

For a family outing pleasing to the elderly, Sentosa is not bad. My parents watch the Northern Lions perform and they are a class of its own. Such a grade of performance can be paid to be watch but it's free. I also get to finally learn the difference between southern and northern lion from the emcee. 

See also the Merlion at the backdrop? Nice view right? Not to mention plenty of photo taking spots.

Reserve a place for your dinner though. I didn't plan my trip well enough, did not catch all the performances but still lucky enough to see fireworks and the laser dragon at beach plaza just below beach station ( ok only if u ask me)

So where did you go? 

Don't forget, it's who you go with that's the most important consideration factor.


  1. Family and friends are the most important! Today go where? ;)

    1. Hi REtail investor,

      Back to sentosa with better planning. We have 2 sets of parents of we include in-laws LOL.

      Where did you go? I reserve a spot at hard rock liao. Had enough of fast food and chinese food!

    2. Went to check out Punggol Park, Punggol Waterway, Kallang Riverside Park and Seletar Mall! Not all on the same day. Worth a visit if you like some greenery and new malls to visit.

    3. Cool, the way u say it, I thought u are buying a unit at Sengkang!!

  2. Me everyday busy eating and visiting friends and relatives.

    Now very fat:(

  3. Yeh,

    You are definitely not alone in overeating!! LOL. I also feel fat!!

    The only thing that is thin is my wallet LOL

    But this year CNY IS the most happening !!

  4. Hi SI

    Sounds a really good deal there in bringing your in laws. I was at vivo a step away from sentosa but in the end managed to just roam the mall. I also went to take a walk by the botanic so it has been a really nice holidays.

    1. Hi B,

      You like Botanic a lot!! Must be a nature lover. I prefer big space than cramp malls. I assume vivo will be bustling too. Maple commercial trust, cheong ah!!

      As for Genting, I wonder if the hospitality business can provide the growth that casino can't.

      Will be a interesting read when I am free...

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