Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Random thoughts: Investing for the present

We have always read about investing for the future and letting compounding effect works so that we can be financially independent.

Given I am still working in the holiday, with the effect of the flu medicine trying to knock me out as I work and write this post, the promise of freedom is tempting indeed.

However, we must not forget to invest in the present. Invest in relationships. Nah... Not mistress. But really, invest in yourself and your family.

I must really thank my wife who always come out with ideas on where to bring our son and her godson out for fun. She brought the sentosa 4D adventure unlimited pass that come with the free Wings of Time show. It is really a long long day, we reached home at 1030, and the next day, I work my guts out at sentosa again at the flea market.

But really, as I am feeling grumpy and tired, I count my blessing.

Nice view isn't it? Do I really have to wait to enjoy such good fortunes? I can have it now. 天伦. Look likes those hong kong series of the super rich way of living. Well the carpark is $9 per entry, I got a shock when I exited in 31 minutes. But what is $9

Investing in the present is more treacherous than sparring with Mr Market. We do know Mr Market goes in cycle, miss a bear bull cycle, you most probably have chance for 1 or another. Missed your child growing up? Good luck! 

Its really the state of mind that we are investing in when we invest for the present. Now, I am out grumpy with the work stacking and news just came that my mother might not be in pink of health yet refused check-up. I was a bit affected, and then, I went on to accept things as it is. I will try to find some weekend time for heart to heart talk in trying to persuade my mother to stop deluding. However, who am I, her son to dictate how she want to live her final years.

Beautiful isn't it? But there are no takers, after working my guts out. I simply look forward to the end of day coke. Although I cough a bit after taking cold waters, I have decided not to be too harsh on myself. Life is there to be enjoyed. 

Why am I so emo? I have 2 colleagues diagnosed with cancer recently, another colleague's wife just got a miscarriage. I have a junior staff, having sick ill-laws and dad, so stressed out that even she was down with thyroid, and what can be worse? Well, how about allergy to the thyroid medicine given by the doctor? Although my head is kind of spinning now, I feel I have a good life.

Having a good life is sparring with the shifu of Mr Market, Mr Karma. Invest on the present. 

Do not be faked by Mr Karma's moves that make you think you only need to live today. Today comes tomorrow and the day after next. It is not use trying to search for that Zen feel when you are feeling upset, instead, just be upset. Put it down and move on. 

Mr Karma do not allow compounding to work, its forces are too complex to understand. If you go today, will you have lived differently? 


  1. hi Mike
    was not in town on monday, so didn't go sentosa to show my support, but definitely, i will still keep my promise to buy a kite with 10 dollar:) do let me know.

    well, so sad to hear the news of your colleagues.
    Maybe i am also 过来人,sick all the time. so i have the same feeling and same experience.
    but life still beautiful, do not give up...

    probably because is holiday mood, so everything is so beautiful in my eyes now:)

    1. Hi Yeh,

      I totally not in holiday mood. :(

    2. No worries about the kite. The money already went to organizer. Now u buy is giving money to me liao LOL

    3. Well. PB tml bank in.
      Go to jiak some good foods la

  2. Sillyinvestor,

    You got the flu?

    I got the common cold too!

    Knew something was not right during Sunday during work - fever, body weak. Mon and Tue were the running nose phase, and Wed and today were my coughing out my lungs out phase. I even lost my voice this time due to the sore throat... I now sound like Darth Vadar. Cool or what!? LOL!

    But I am not blue. It's just the common cold. I'll get better.

    Mom is now in role-reversal taking care of me - cooking my comfort food ;)

    Sickness is nature's way of reminding us not to take things for granted I think.

    1. Sickness is a sure thing u know will happen. Yet when it happens, we all might not be as ready as we thought.

      MR Karma is far more scary than market

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