Monday, March 2, 2015

Random thoughts: A fortune teller's prediction stirred me.

I believed in no fortune telling. I always felt even if we assume accuracy in prediction, it is just a point at the time, what happen leading to that point and after that may matter a lots too.

Also, I believed fortune telling can predict events, but never our reactions or state of emotions to it. I could be ill but feeling contented, having the high of life but always grumbling. 

Today, my wife told me she went to see a Buddhist shifu with some friends during CNY. She was quite worried that I would get angry because I always tell her not to do such thing.

She told me the shifu told her she had a relatively smooth life, but our son's life will be tough.

My mind keep going through the first 2 paragraphs that I written, and some more. So much so that I realised I am quite affected by it. You can predict my life will be full of obstacles and I think I will be less than or not affected at all.

But I keep looking at my son just now. Then I realised the fact that I keep repeating the first 2 paragraphs in my mind is that I hope the "prediction" is not true. Whereas if the prediction is on my life, I think I would just say "let it be"

I then realised how much my son meant to me than myself.

What's my point? Nothing, just letting off steam. No underlying zen moral, no need to think too much


  1. Hi SI,

    Swee! You have a choice, and you chose something that you are at ease with.

    1. Hi Derek,

      Sorry, what choice you referring to? I blur...

    2. Hi SI,

      You can choose to believe in the fortune teller's words or to ignore them.

      I had my fortune told a few yrs ago, and I selectively chose what I wanted to hear.

    3. I see Derek,

      I usually choose not to believe.

      It's quite ironic. I actually believed in the art of fortune telling, fengshui etc.

      But when it become a money generating venture, I doubt it.

      Look, if grapham or Warren says pay me and I will advise u which stock to buy, he is not Warren or graham, isn't it?

      The art is there. But the skills varied, and the intention even more questionable

  2. Hi SI,

    Believe that you can avert unfortunate events by doing good deeds then. I think all prediction is a warning, never really written in stone.

    1. Hi LP,

      I am genuinely surprised how affected I was. There have always been people telling me this, telling me that about my life, like I cannot keep money, some good, some bad, fengshui whatever...

      I always very politely converse, but in my mind, ya right...

      But this time ...

  3. Hi SI,

    No offense to fortune tellers, but I have yet to meet one who is as successful as Warren Buffett.

    I wonder how many would dare to bet a million dollars on their own predictions? Pretty sure there'll be a lot of excuses if they lose the bet.

    1. SRSI,

      If it is just any fortune teller, I would just laugh it off. I am not sure how did she get to know this shifu? I personally know of people with the spiritual masters, and I have respect for these people, not trying to be nasty here, but I suspect ...

      He might not actually be a shifu ...

  4. Sillyinvestor,

    Love is a wonderful thing.

    Your son is the future.

    Hold him, hug him, kiss him.

    When it's time, let go and see him fly ;)

    1. remind me of the song


      nah.... I not affectionate type... I think my wife language of love is "affection" whereas mine is act of service...


  5. Hi SI

    My sympathies, you must have the "Sian diao" feeling. But like you said, you may not be able to control what happens to you son, but you can train him to respond to things positively. Often it's the tough times that make us better persons if we take a step back and look at it.

    1. Hi retail trader,

      It is not sian diao, it is sian gao liao...

      But I know what you mean by tough times make people tougher...

      I believed that...

      Just parental instinct i Guess

  6. well, SI
    my hubby went for fortunate telling. The fortunate teller told him that he is going to have 2 wives.
    i wonder whether we will end up in divorce or i will die at young age?

    but then , i just bo chap and carry on my life.

    i hate going to fortunate telling as the master will tell me how bad/how tough my life going to be or just simply tell me i may die at young age.

    1. aiyo...

      What kind of fortune teller is that. Thats why i will never do it on my own... LOL

      hmm if my life has 2 wives... I will LOL

      I think my wife has better tiao jiao than me to 2 time LOL

    2. wah well at least the fortune teller sounds like he is not lying, lol! never just say nice things to make the customer happy.

    3. RT,

      True, the more unbelievable, the more you think about it.

      But ... Again it begs the question when get open ended fortune asked? Maybe specific qn like should I change job etc.

      Imagine tell me anything. He tell you an accident waiting to happen.. Then super worried right? Worried already still happen might as well ignore and bliss

    4. Actually my 堂姐夫is fortunate teller. Well. Long time ago, he helped me for free. But everything was so bad from him.

      10 years pass liao, i am still alive and my illness still under control. And I am better than 10 yrs ago, richer than 10 years ago:)

  7. its his life, let him lead. we can only guide them.

    1. gcw,

      nice to see a reader coming forward to leave a comment... Yes... Its life. Have to let it be

  8. Hi SI
    " I then realised how much my son meant to me than myself ", this statement really touches me. Being a father myself I can understand your feeling.

    1. Ya.. Stock hunter,

      But it also only affect me for a day. I now also rubbished it liao

  9. Hi SI,

    My Gf brought me to see this fortune-teller. Apparently she is very accurate. She said I am going to fail in business, suffer throughout life and my future children will betray me. She also said I have no friends and cannot get along with people. Then she said this DAMN BLOODY STUPID STATEMENT "Your relationship with your Gf, might get better....or worse."

    Fortune tellers are full of shit...

    1. Wa...

      Can say until like that. Scary siao ...


      Let me take his prediction beyond:

      U fail in your first business but your second flourish due to lesson learned.

      You had a tough life because you work your gut out for your second business and had a tough time juggling family, business and friends, but you enjoy the work and your wife understand.

      By traditional standards. We are all betrayed but our children because they moved out when they grow old. So the key word future is indeed correct. But they will come back for u when u are unwell and visit u regularly to keep in touch.

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