Friday, March 6, 2015

Random thoughts: Your support at sentosa Flea very much appreciated.

Dear all readers,

Remember about the Sentosa Flea Market I blogged about sometime back. (See Post)

It is a charity flea market and 100% of the sale proceed with go to Hospice Care Association. (

The event will be held at Sentosa near Merlion Plaza on 16 March 2015 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Pupils will be saleboys and salegirls, peddling kites for my stall. Although the objective of the event is to learn "entrepreneurship", I think it is more appropriate to say that I will this as a platform to teach kindness.

Today, we stayed back together to decorate the kites. With the exception of 1 or 2 pupils, I do see the efforts to make their kite beautiful, and the concept of someone need to buy this, sink in and most of them do take pride in their work.

Pity the boys, I think they are really just not as  细心as the girls, plenty of time I need to do "damage control"

Why kites? I remembered fondly the story of 《风筝》by 鲁迅。I talked about the story, about not missing out on the childhood and to be kind. I even wanted to teach them about the culture and history behind kites. But too bad, they have their CA exam, so just do the art part. LOL.

Do you have something to do on the 16 March 2015? If not, how about some family bonding and outdoor kite flying? I used to write my wishes/hopes on the kite and let it fly.

Ok... Now to the point. Please come and support if you are free. OK? I am afraid I end up with disappointed kids.

It is quite obvious which ones are done by girls and which are done by guys and which is done by me, isn't it?

Have not decided on the price, Maybe $10, if sales is really bad, maybe $5 

If you like any of them and like to reserve it, please drop me a comment. LOL. Think I am stretching this a bit too much. LOL.

Anyway. Spread the words around and be there to support if you are free ok.

If u like Cheena Cheena by pro, we have the following by a colleague's friend

My favorite is the goldfish. What's yours?


  1. Hi SI,

    Did you do the calligraphy? It's very nice and it looks like it's printed lol :) don't worry about the outcome. Either way, if it's a sell out or if it's a cold market, there will still be a lesson to learn :)

    I like the second last one, the trees with red flowers one ;)

    1. Hi LP,

      How I wished I could tell u I did the calligraphy. But nope, I printed it out, traced it and colored it with a marker LOL.

    2. Haha, never mind! At least you copied very nicely!

    3. LOL,

      Thanks, it look better in photo than in real thing. My colleague also faked by me

  2. Replies
    1. Hi RT,

      Actually is not that difficult, it is the juggling of those with 4-5 more items that made me totally missed my lunch!!

  3. hi SI
    i would like to reserve one, anyone can do. ugly one can reserve for me.
    how i trf the money to you?

    or i need to go Sentosa to show my support?

    1. LOL Yeh!

      Thanks for the support!! No la, u can transfer to me but I cannot pass to u. It should be the school holiday if u no need to go to school come find me!! LOL

    2. I try to come:) not sure whether I will be back to malaysia not.

    3. No worries! No pressure, thanks for support ...

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