Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Random thoughts: positive and negative motivations

During my NS days, I have problems clearing my 2.4 KM RUN. Our unit insists on only 1 gold timing and nothing less. So we keep running and running. 

I remembered having burst my lungs to meet the timing only to be told I need to be 30 sec faster in 1 month time, because I would have officially turned "ops"

As usual, we have solid runners who clear the timing without missing a beat. We were always told to push harder, do more do more, open up the stride etc. My mind was: I AM FRECKING trying, but it is a fact that some are just faster!! 

I remembered the trainers telling me how to pace myself, how to accelerate at what spot, etc, but inside my heart I am thinking: you are FOS, I can beat u in a run anytime. The better runners just tell me, keep running !!

There is this arrangement for those who passed their 2.4 KM RUN to run with the failures at half way mark, and some who completed the run EARLIER will accompany the last 400 m.

One fine day, my OC finally changed my motivation. Instead of barking at us. He barked at the pacers:" you f**ers, if u want to pace someone, you run the whole 2.4 km  route with them. If u think its tiring, then don't run.

I had another friend who was a soccer whiz in my next run. I was wondering how to keep up in pace with him.

Because of my ego, I gave all that I have, at the half point mark, where I usually "puncture" I noticed him getting slower too, instead of slowing down I suddenly found a new strength to go even faster. In fact, I was leading him and I felt super motivated. That day, I cleared my 2.4km

While I never had problems clearing it over the 2-3 times on my own, I can never break that day timing. No matter how hard I try. 

Another occasion was my first army half marathon. I was told last minute to run it as a show of support for my unit's competitors. Hello! 21KM lei, can I show support at the end point instead or just give them a hug ?? 

I was wondering how long I can last until I saw this pretty ACJC girl running, and boy she is fast! I keep pace with her, using every once of my strength until I see myself overtaking one of my unit competitor who is giving up and walking.

I was thinking of talking to her at the end part, until I got leg cramps just 2 km before the end point. I stretched and tried to make up time and when I finally catch a far far glimpse of her, my legs cramped again, this time jialat jialat! Lol

I walked the rest of the 1 km back 


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    The source for both positive and negative motivation are external and about how others have influenced on you.

    Where is "you" in the above post?

    Have you reflected on who is responsible for your motivations?

  2. Hi SMOL,

    There are both internal and external motivations at work all the time. To you truly believe I can outrun my friend if I had not been running all these while?

    Also, there is an underlying message I want to say beyond the superficial running. It's up to you to interpret what that is. No point talking about the past if it have no inking on the present, right. LOL.

  3. Hi SMOL,

    I like this post. Very honest and true to yourself. I was savoring each and every word of it, though I'm not sure what to comment. It seems like you need someone there to give you that extra bit of motivation to complete the task - not good not bad, just is :)

  4. Sillyinvestor,

    I made an observation and asked 2 questions ;)

    Well, only you know whether you can outrun your friend "without" the "motivations" from your OC and the ACJC girl.

    I am not talking about running either ;)

  5. LP,

    Of course we need our 伯乐相马.

    But if we only respond to the carrots and sticks wield by others, we may still be at the same spot just walking round the millstone even though we have journeyed for miles and miles...

    Sometimes its a good idea to look up to see if there are puppet strings attached to us ;)

  6. LP and SMOL,

    Thank you for your comments, it gave different perspectives and facets to the initial thoughts I had when I penned this down.

    After discussion, there are even more thoughts provoked. No wonder I guys like to read in quiz- puzzle style...

    But my decoys did work... Both the Pacer and ACJC girl are both positive motivations. I never thought about the OC.

    So where is the negative?

    It is the "end point"...

    But in the end, like what SMOL point out, the biggest Friend and worst enemy are all from within, the external can spark the potential but can never decide the reserve....

  7. Sillyinvestor,

    I keep staring at the 2nd picture with the silhouettes of a male and female jogger.

    The guy's chest looks interesting... No?

    I think I got issues.... I suspect I'm one of those guys who look at a glass of ice water and "sees" breasts!?


    P.S. I do enjoy our little "talk male-chicken" session with you and LP. How nice if we can all wear funny hats, have a fan in our hands, and 饮酒做乐 under the pavilion like in the olden days. No need to work as our Ah Kongs are landowners :)

  8. No no SMOL,

    I was looking at it too. Then I realised it is the name tag la... Lol

    LOL, we are not too far from that isn't it. Just virtual ...

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