Friday, October 16, 2015

Random thoughts: too iron-teeth in my work?

There is plenty of well-intended advices at my work. Being new to my role, many told me I need to be firm and is "too nice". My boss told me I didn't communicate enough.

The weird thing is: 

1) when I am reflecting how I can do my job better, there were many things which I thought I could have do better, but no one said anything about those,except one. He is a officer from my department.

2) those which are my core values, I do not think i will shift anytime, many have a opinion. LOL

The first thing which I find irksome is "calculative". I do not believe in taking someone for a ride, but I do think we can never be "fair" in workload. 

Having to manage that part is rather "bo Liao" and I felt my limited energy can be better served somewhere.

I made some arrangements on my own so that my staff who got less "rest time" will be "compensated" before they start their work in the afternoon. 

I was called in to my bosses "Twice" to explain why I make those arrangements and that I am making things difficult for my fellow colleague who did not make those arrangements. I explained and I said I understand where they are coming from, but seek their understanding in my decision. Inside me, I am screaming " BULLSHIT, that U did not care enough for your people is your bloody business because they are not under my charge, instead of asking me to lower my standards u should bloody reflect yourself"

I realised many, including, myself, seriously need to go to the lake and see their reflections, and if they are ugly, should put their head into the water and cool Themselves off. 

I am guided by this simple principle, I am not dogmatic in my approach as long as I can get past on this simple value.

I am
Most importantly a human, I tried to be kind whatever I could as long as my kindness do not lead to
Negative consequences. And no, that my way of doing makes people compare unrealistically is your bloody problem

Next, I am a teacher, then a HOD. As long as the heart is with teaching and pupils, I can forgive all. And I hope my staff forgive my lack of adminstration competency too. 

Seriously, I am rather iron-teeth when those two principles are concerned. I wondered aloud if one day I am thrusted to the private world, will I survive?

Let's justs allow me to indulge and live with those 2 values I hold dear, and if I cannot survive here, then let me trade those useless values for the next pay cheque.

Don't tried to persuade me now. I find it full of shit when u claim u are trying to teach me when I felt u are hardly really more competent. 


    Last week during a coaching session, a client told me "If I measured my success solely on this past week, I'd feel discouraged. But since we're shifting focus to making lifestyle changes, I feel successful. Overall, I've made a lot of improvements".

  2. Hi SI

    I do feel for you.

    What people have opinions on you , is not your problem , it's their problem.

    You can't make everyone like you anyway, and it is also not your job to make everyone like you .

    Being in the public/cs sector, i feel alot of them can talk better than they can work, and i feel they are hardly competent at all ( Not to say i am competent) . These people normally stay very long ( more than 5 years ) in their area of work or jobscope and likes to keep send emails to show cast their "ability" or perhaps their so called "capability" .

    I hardly "look up" or "admire" people from work place these days, of course i also won't "look down" . That has become one of my cores.

    1. Lol STI,

      Can see that u are also quite DL with some people at work ...

      Sama sama...

      Hope things get better next year

  3. Sillinvestor,

    Thank goodness you're angry!

    Better angry than to be in denial...

    No resistance my foot!

    Teachers = peers = HOD (you spoil market)

    Parents = my child = my staff (you touch my people without first 拜码头 with me?)

    In another environment, what you did may be lauded with compliments - how you displayed initiative, were proactive, people-centric focus, etc...

    I guess not in your present environment.... :(

    Will you survive in the private sector?

    It's the same. Different companies have different corporate cultures - just like each public schools have their own "culture" like you have discovered.

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Indeed, I felt the same way about "private sector".

      U know my big boss came and talk to us about how sheltered we are. (Which I agreed) then she go on to say that in the private sector ... Blar Blar Blar...

      I wondered if she really worked in the private sector before.

      I gentle remind her there will be a lot of problems if education were to emulate the private sector blindly ...

      Think she agreed. I am sure,
      MNC, SME AND GLC all different and we cannot brush them as 1 stroke

  4. I think with the right mindset and value, your action will be right. Plus u do reflect, so it's really a lethal combination. If people don't value you, it's their loss lol

    Thankfully I don't have to do these bullshit, enough to deal with bear shit already Haha! I also wonder if I can handle the private sector since on principle, I dont do politics. Maybe I'll be corrupted and be jaded and sour like some of my friends.

    So, thanks but no thanks.

    1. LP,

      Technically, u are also from the private sector. But u deal with customers only. No suppliers or co-workers.

      Less people, less magic but also less conflicts.

      I wonder how long I will last? It's is scarily near to the border of doing it for a pay cheque

    2. Mike
      So scary meh?

      Is it 高处不胜寒?

      Relax la. Got high salary then tahan a bit lo

  5. Hi yeh ,

    Third time writing this comment! Blogger go bonkers Liao. No la, it's me la. Maybe a bit burnt. Have opportunity, go for it. Dun let me me affect u.
    Pay is motivation only to this extent

    1. no la.
      i dislike. my health in priority first.

      well, i do not need to worry much for money issue. so, i just want to stay simple and happy:)

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