Thursday, October 22, 2015

Random thoughts: what is the theme of your reframing

We reframe to see things from a different angle. The advantages of it are numerous, I might not see something as a "problem" as compared to someone else. 

I have been going through this process numerous times, until I realize there generally 3 themes behind all reframing exercises.

1) compare to others who are worse

2) looking into the future 

3) philosophy, or religion learning

However, reframing need something in order to work, whatever theme u use.

Denial or acceptance.

I realize I have been in denial that I hate my current work. I wake up and it became a drag to go to work EVERY morning. 

It is only after comparing myself during the PSLE marking week where i simply move on to "work" and today that I realize it.

It is confusing because I love teaching and how could it be that I hate my work at the same time. That's why the denial stage went on for so long 

It is true. The tell-tale signs are there all along, I am not accepting it, therefore the reframing is just an act of denial. 

Can I do something about it? Of course! Reframing part 2! But I am not ready to.

I think accepting it will allow theme 3 of reframing to work better. 

So, is there a better way to "trick" the mind? LOL. 

Again, I went through the lesson of "what I wanted" with my Graduating class since  they are very free now. Strange no one says they wanted riches. Maybe they want to be politically correct or they have "awaken". In fact, most of them have the same mentality of buy one get one/ more free like adults ( u and me)

"If I have luck, I will have everything, also money etc." the only girl that chose health is the one that had a hole in the heart, but again her answer is like "I have health, then I can do whatever I like and get wisdom" still buy one get one free

I shared with them the serenity prayer and told them I used to want wisdom, but wanted courage to change things now. I told them what we wanted changes with time. 

How fast I change my mind. Now I wanted serenity to accept ... LOL


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    Careful now. These are 12 year old kids with impressionable minds. Don't contaminate. Just listen. Don't judge.

    All the techniques and trickery of reframing our minds are just temporary reliefs. It's kicking the can down the road.

    You know the truth and what has to be done.

    It's either you hate teaching - that means your ladder has been leaning against the wrong wall all along...

    Or you hate you present environment - which is a lesser problem. Mountain don't move; I move.

    I like my previous company a lot! Even so, out of 7 bosses, there are 2 of which I pray every day they would get a promotion and move out! At the same time, I put in an official request to be transferred out.

    I was lucky that the longest wait was 2 years tops for either scenario to pan out ;)

    Analysis is good. But once we have the answer, act!

    Hiding behind more analysis is just procrastination in disguise...

  2. I move. Mountain can stay. Given I just parachute from Mountain top, getting the hell out of here will take a few years

    Teaching is always the enjoyable part. Kids make me smile ...

    As for impressionable minds, not sure how much of what I said they heard, so the probability of those heard to left a impression. Is ...

    Anyway, I say how I feel, no regrets ... They can agree or not agree ...

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