Sunday, December 6, 2015

Random thoughts: Downtime on a cruise

Wanted this short getaway quite badly. I could feel myself getting a bit too tense up and I really needed a break. 

The best parting gift I had just before I board the cruise last Friday was a call from a colleague regarding work and a dressing down that I messed up their work as I had not done my deployment properly. 

I knew my little heart was really at the border of depression. I couldn't really relax and when I couldn't get any messages or whatsapp or phone call as there is no signals in international waters, I was worried. Tried as I could, I couldn't shake work off my mind and the fear that when I finally dock at port Klang today and went on data roaming my whatsapp will be flooded with work messages. It didn't. When  I told my wife that I am worried about work and she asked me to relax. I didn't go further about the possibility of a "sick" mind and heart. A lot happened at work and I dun intend this to be a whinny post.  I had hoped the expansive sea and the sound of sea waves will recharge my soul. LoL. So let's go back to the cruise 

I had wanted 3 things from
This cruise. 

1) good food
2) balcony time starring into the sea and quality reflection time 
3) family time packed with activities 

I expected a lot from 1) and little from 3) 

It turns out the food from both main dinning areas suck. I was told
By several relatives that the food is exquisite and really nice. 

I think the food is rather tasteless and the service of waitresses and waiters uneven. Some Are really good; they are attentive and brief us of the possible activities after dinner. They introduce the menu and ask for our input.

I also met downright rude waiter who snapped at us and was damn impatient with questions.

If not for the cafe at deck 5 I would give it a D grade. 

The sea was not what I expected. It was pitch dark at night and with my son beside me, I had no time to let my mind drift freely. But I like my son's company

The activities are rather rich, but the Broadway musical almost made me fall asleep. They are good, and the stage effects are solid, just not my cup of tea for my family. The swimming pools are not meant for kids. The swallow pool is 1.4 m. 

The ironic is the reflection time I had was at the casino. My wife very willingly told me I could go enjoy myself if I wanted. I sense she is genuine and is not setting a trap lol.

So I went. It was ages before I stepped into a casino. I won some initially and start making bigger bets. 

I lose more. There was a point of time when I had  less than 20 credits and I thought of just betting everything and go back to sleep.

Then I somehow got that "investor" in me talking"that's actually how newbie investor do, sell and take loss to ease the pain". I decided to stick to my tactic and play my game slowly.  I am well aware it is all a game of luck.

I manage to claw back almost all my losses and my mind keep telling me to go and cut loss now. But the inner voice also went "keep trying keep trying"

As the  night dragged on and I lost almost everything again and then hit a winning streak again. The cycles remind me of market cycles. But I never quite break even. 

So many lessons/reflections for me in a game. When I am losing. It is very easy to throw more money after bad by making bigger bets and hitting the arbitary "cut loss" to ease the pain.

The ups and downs of the game. Just like the market cycles. I made a mental note not to "show hand" at my last bet. I bet big, it was close to 2am. It was break even or lose more. But I had tough luck. Better to just retire the hands at the right "high" than hope for a bumper harvest for retirement 

I will be back in Singapore tomorrow. Yesterday has passed. I think I need to evolve to "survive ... "

I am pretty sure I will not be the same person if I do what I do for another 10 years. I will be more battle harden lol. 

Preparing for war ... 


  1. Hello SI,

    Sounds like you are having a challenging time at work. Hope things go well for you tomorrow.

    May I know which cruise line did you take? It sounds like 4D3N Port Klang cruise that I have booked for January 2016.

    1. Hi SS,

      Yup it's mariner of te seas.

      Here are some of the good and bads: hope u avoid the bad and enjoy the goods.

      The first boarding lunch is quite terrible. Dun rush to check in as there is a lot of waiting time. If h ask me, I will not save on lunch.

      Dun just go to the 2 main dinning areas. Check out the rest of Fand B outlets. Some come free too, like the cafe at deck 5.

      Register your kid for adventure cove. Free up some free time for partner alone

      Dun miss the farewell performance. It's the best

      I tried movie at the deck at last night, and there are plenty of lounges with singers ... But with a young kid we turn in early.

      The water is desalinated. So there is a weird yellowish coloring at times

    2. Hello SI,

      Thanks for the tips!

    3. Hi SS,

      You are welcome. Enjoy ...

  2. Hi SI,

    Let go let go let go...

    Easier said than done, but should always strive towards that :)

    1. Hi LP,

      Indeed, trying to let go everyday.

      Still striving towards that

  3. Hi SI

    I hope it's not Royal Carribean cruise right?

    I've heard so much good reviews about it that I'm almost contemplating to go for the 4D3N Port Klang as well.

    1. Yup B it is,

      As I told SS, with better homework, things could be better. Go ahead and order the extra lobster and steak that need to be further paid. It's quite nice ..:

  4. Hi SI,

    Isn't it no signals good excuse to escape from work? Even as a frontline personnel, I did not include the email function into my phone, except for webmail function.

    Hope u enjoy the tour, anyway, your should be relaxing irregardless of the external impacts.

    1. Hi Rolf,

      Thanks. Guess I just have to bite the bullet.

  5. Sillyinvestor,


    I guess since I'm a self-professed trader mixing with "investors", let me correct a trading terminology you have just butchered.

    Cut-loss is a risk management technique that leaves us with paper cuts. This way, our wounds will not turn gangrenous so we have to cut off the whole hand!

    The word you meant to use is "capitulation".

    That's when the pain of red ink is so bad that its a relief to sell and forever wash hand of investing!

    P.S. A trader or investor who practices cut-loss at 10% loss will never have to capitulate at 90% losses ;)

    1. Hi SMOL,

      U are the only person that replied on the gambling part LOL.

      I went on the last night too.. And it was cut loss. I lose the amount that I set out to lose, that never "average down" lol. Another misuse of term! I know

      I left my USD with my wife and brought only those I can lose to play. So although there is temptation to play and turn tables. I guai guai go to deck and watch movie after my $100 is gone ...

    2. Sillyinvestor,

      That's the main point of your post mah ;)

      Or maybe anything about gambling, trading, speculation, I'm all perked up!


    3. hmm.... SMOL

      I think the order of you perking up are:
      Woman, Wine, Smoke,


  6. Ermmm... where do u work? LOL