Saturday, July 9, 2016

Random story: Game of life

Everything is computerized in the transist area. 

All the souls are awaiting to go through the portal to be reborned. They hold out their palms to be scanned. 


Karma points: 187

Do u wish to redeem your karma points? 

Brandon decided to key "No" and he left. He knows he will be reborned in the realm of humans and is not particular.

I went up to the machine. I clicked "yes"

Please decide which area would u like to allocate points to:

1) Loved ones 
2) Health
3) Career
4) Wealth 
5) Intelligence 
6) Wisdom 
7) Courage


How should I choose? Maybe add some points to wisdom. Hey! Why is my wealth bar so low to begin with? Maybe I will add to wealth bar? 

I don't want to be born too poor. Ok. I will leave some next life. Just increase my wealth score. I Clicked "ok"


Democracy has catch up with the afterlife. While the realm is pre-determined, souls have options to choose how to spend their karma points or accumulate for upgrade to another realm. 


The maker asked the engineer to analyze the trend of choices of the souls. 

The results were as follow:
Those with high scores or scores within striking distance of an upgrade usually leave the points intact for accumulation. 

Those with lower scores usually redeem their points.

For those who made their choices, the order of preference is: 
Health, wealth and loved ones. 

Suddenly the system flash and an alarm went off! The engineer panic. It seems there is a virus affecting the attributes, whatever choices the souls made, have their scores mixed up. The engineer tried fanatically to restore the system.

No worries no worries, the engineer told the maker, I have a back up! I can restore the system. 

The system was restored. It seems only one attribute was not affected by the virus. 

The maker saw the report and smiled.he said: As I expected, technology also followed the law of nature. No worries 

He gave the engineer a pad. The engineer shouted: I will
Improve it so that it will not happen again.

The marker didn't say anything.

It will always happen.


  1. Hi Mike,

    Although, this is purely fictional, my choice will be in this order
    Health, Intelligence, Wisdom.

    Feel that with good health, good intelligence and good wisdom, the rest will eventually fall in place. Career will be in place due to your intelligence and wisdom. Wealth will follow due to your career progress and wise choice in investment from wisdom. Wisdom will also enable you to handle relationship carefully and thus loved ones will flourish.

    Ultimately, Health enables you to see the efforts to fruition.

    Perhaps, this academic exercise also applies to what we focus in our life too...

  2. Hi Solace, thanks for joining in the fun!!

    Yup, u got 60% of the hidden message. Let's see who else can decode the story more ... LOL

    My choice?? Health then wisdom. Wait I will add "courage" to the equation LOL

  3. Hmm, I was wondering which one isn't affected by the virus. Must be one of the choices are overlapped with the rest and/or affected only by karma. Karmic forces affecting the use of karmic points too!

    I'll choose wealth. With true wealth, everything is covered. Without true wealth, everything that you have is also an illusion.

    1. Interesting! LP, a different angle ...

      The virus is contagious. Like what solace said, u have wisdom and intelligence, wealth and career will come.

      The reverse is more scary. When we lose our health or wealth, it is like a house of cards collapsing.

      My initial title for this post is "loss"

      My mum lost "health" but have pretty much everything else. Loved ones, courage to live and wisdom to take illness in its stride. Health did not lead to contagion.

      My aunt lost wealth because of an loved one and lost both wealth and loved ones. As a result, she kept whining and is at risk of losing more loved ones. She worried so much that she lost health and also wisdom.

      Is it Heath the "fire wall" that prevent collapse of cards. It is so easy to see healthy people "collapse" isn't it?

      I would think the firewall is "wisdom" and courage to act. Loved ones help though.

      I lose wealth, I can accumulate again or lower expectations.i lose a loved one but he/ she can live in my heart. I lost my career I can switch and/ or lower my expectations

      Never said it's easy. The virus is strong and can break anyone. Those with wisdom has a chance fighting the virus.

      How to get wisdom? Be kind and earn karmic points .. Just like what u pointed out!!

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