Sunday, July 10, 2016

Radom thoughts: Sillyinvestor INc 1H intern report

Chairman Message:

1H of 2016 is volatile, market first went through a correction with no apparent reasons in January and February, It is then when we get busy and bought ST Engineering, CMPH (Which is going to be delisted) and Venture. We also sold Cogent during the first Quarter. It turned out that the correction is what it is, and we made a good trading paper profits on those trades. Cogent was sold at a price of 45cents for a 30% profits but the profits would have been double had we hold. We made silly mistakes but we moved on.

2nd Quarter is famous for its Brexit event. We went 50% cash to take opportunity of market weakness. However, the market instead rallied and we have been scratching our head. Nonetheless, we felt that it is too early to say Brexit is a non-event, we instead feel that Market will priced in the uncertainty sooner or later. In going for cash, we decided to take loss for Sembcorp Industries and also Contra Loss for Silverlake axis

We have decide to include cash in our portfolio calculation hence forth.


Outlook is uncertain. Nothing much has happened to warrant the rally in the market except for the fact that Fed might hold off interest rate hike. We expect the market to be volatile with higher probability to the downside and has positioned ourselves to take opportunity of that when it materialized.However, we do not pretend to have in possession a working crystal ball and we react according to market circumstances.

Operation Review:

We have invested $51450 into equity but market value is only $49485. It is a 3.9% loss if we liquidated everything. Cash for investing stand at  $26000.

Dividends received for first half is about $2700. The dividends received are from Sembcorp Industries, Venture, MIT, A-Reit, LMIR, Lee Metals, Accordia Golf trust and CMPH.

Trading profits is $890. Much of the profits was offset by taking loss on Sembcorp Industries. Profitable trades include CMPH, FSL and Cogent.
Total cash returns over total asset value is $3590/$77459 is 4.6%.

Online Ad Revenue figure is negligible. I am too ashamed to report the figure to you.

Financial statement:

Investor relation:

The founder and director, greenrookie, has been able to inject cash of various amount into the company due to better cashflow management after taking up a tuition assignment. We hope our founder will continue to have faith in the fund and continue to inject cash into our company.


  1. With this report, i think you are putting financial advisers advocating "forced saving" out of business. I hope they have backed up plans soon. Lol

    Actually, i am quite surprised, you took a cut for Sembcorp. Nothing wrong of course, for me i would prefer holding on for a longer time period.

    1. Solace,

      I was wondering if I should. Well, the trail of thoughts at that time is ST Eng and Semb Corp are more correlated withSTI and should continue south.

      I was wrong but I moved on. I am more ready for the wild ride of SCI now, having only 1 lot. It's India operations is facing problems and this coming quarter will show more facts.

      I think I have chance for others even if I can't buy back the same counters. I though I will
      Have a fair shot at banks or telecoms or maybe even some properties counters...

      I have to be honest, I am still figuring out how to best do this and I dun pretend to know the "winning" sauce yet.

      I am doing this more to keep a record of what I am rather than boasting or getting sympathy LOL.

      This exercise also made me realize how easy it is to play with numbers.

      Had I keep sembcorp, the portfolio loss % is still small, but my cash returns % will be .... It's close to double digit again...

      I only know I have done better when over a longer time frame I am able to keep port value above water and cash returns closer to 6%

      I am still far from it though...

  2. HI Mike,

    Hindsight always is 20/20. People have told me be it trade/speculate/invest, as long as profit is always a positive outcome.

    SCI might take very long to recover, if there are more worthwhile investment to go into, it might be more profitable than waiting for SCI to recover. You might very well turn out to be right.

    1. Hi Solace,

      I hope u are right !! I dun have enough Ammo to be a effective sniper, so I will just have to make do with lower returns

      Cheers and may we all huat

  3. i didn't sell any.
    i went to buy and buy.earn a little pocket money. but lose also lose big.
    market is recovering well. cheers,
    now i have to start to sell some of profitable counters.

  4. Don't worry about what you have now. Just invest in a small step leading to a bigger steps. $100 per month via ETF investment oso can.

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