Thursday, October 27, 2016

SingPost - the first catalyst has happened

The alibaba deal is on.

Next is the confirmation of CEO.

The better than expected results due to peak season of Christmas and Year end Celebration

2017, awaiting the SP mall to contribute.

Am I dreaming?

Why not? Greater fool theory? Alibaba is willing to pay 1.75 for SingPost new issue shares. I am not complaining. The capital injection would Rediced the debts.

I believe the analysts will stir fried the news . Lol


  1. Hi, how did you get the 1.75 price paid by Ali? Thanks for share

  2. Hi Wind,

    It is in the transcript of last/ the second last investor teleconference. The contract price was mentioned. I mentally divide the amount paid and the shares issued, about right too.

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