Friday, February 3, 2017

Random thoughts: Visual metaphor for self-awareness

During my course, there is this module on coaching. 

And my trainer causally remarked that when she was the principal, she actually ask the teachers to think of a metaphor for their school vision.

I did the same for myself and realized a few things.

1) The first image that come to your mind reflect the state of current affairs. U have to be honest and not analyze too much. Just think of what comes to your mind. If it's a beautiful picture, good, if it's a ugly picture. Then u know u dun think too highly of yeh current situation.

2) Next, picture an ideal picture. The first one that comes to your mind. Strangely, after that picture appears, I have no problem explaining the metaphor, and the explanation holds true to my beliefs too.

3) Then it can be a rude awakening of what we are doing and what we visualize it's our perfect belief can be quite different.

Let me share mine:


Teaching- Night sky
I think of my teaching. First picture that comes to mind that sticks. Night sky. Beautiful, calm.

Every stars is my pupils, they all shine, although some brighter than others, but altogether makes up the beautiful sky. There is no need to compete. 

They shine because they reflect the light shone on them, and the are a mirror of they education. 

I am thinking too much of results and hoping all of them to shine brightly. I could not accept perhaps the dim star are also beautiful and make up the sky.

Teaching: The bad (test tubes)

Manipulation for results. Fit what I am doing now like a square.

Money matters- Golden hills

My idea is to have enough to spend such that it will never run out. True enough, I yearn FI

Money matters - begger (the bad)

Realize my low self-esteem too.

Home- Werewolf (bad)

Dun quite understand why this image sticks. Maybe because I have a inner demon? 

Home - Garden 
Close to nature, beatitful flowers that are a sanctuary to the tired. The care for flowers for them to blossom is like my care for my child. 


If u try this mental Exercise, share with me your mental image and let me know if it accurately reflect your beliefs, will yA


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