Thursday, August 3, 2017

Random thoughts: Heath, fitness and endurance

Are they the same? Or rather, having one means most properly u had the other. 

My logicial answer is yes, but my experience says no.

I have people who run marathons and winning local races but also on medical leaves. They get genuinely sick easily. They might have agility and hour glass figure but one of them tell me if she doesn't get 8 hours of sleep, she will fall sick. 

I know of seniors at least with 15 more years plouging on and on despite all the "fatigue" and "ills" written all over the body.

Health is free from sickness. Of the three, although I like a better hunky figure that comes with fitness, I will choose health, then endurance than fitness.


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    A little knowledge can be more harmful than no knowledge at all...

    For years, we thought cholestrol was bad; turned out sugar can be more damaging.

    A taxi driver seeing my mom's bad knees, commented that his younger brother in his 50s also has problem walking - over jogged in his younger days and worn out his knees, heels, and ankles... (Reminder on moderation)

    At the pharmacy, I sometimes see 80 plus seniors collecting 2 big "shopping bags" full of drugs. So frightening!

    Yet when you think about it, despite their illnesses, they have outlived those who do gyms and eat vegetarian but left in their late 40s to early 50s...

    It's not black and white.

    Very fuzzy grey. Just like investing.

    The more some invests, the more money they lose :(

    1. Yes SmOl,

      Everything is permissible in moderation I think. I am trying to bluff myself, I am eating Macdonald now LOL

  2. Hi SI,

    Good distinction. To me, fitness is the ability to do everyday's chore. If you need to run to the bus stop everyday, and you can do it, that's fitness already. Endurance is the ability to tank and the ability to suffer discomforts. Health is a more general word to describe overall wellness. I think fitness and endurance is part of health. It includes other things like mental well being, healthy self esteem and so on.

    1. Hi LP,

      I think fitness and health can be more mutually exclusively than we expect.

      Endurance is more about the mind I guess. Able to take the grinding.

      How are u? Your journey as a father??

  3. Endurance is more of body and mind together. Mind is pushing the body harder. Whose with lower endurance will give up once it is getting tough going farther.

    1. Yes, I find some elders have very "high endurance" I consider myself having some endurance.

      But when I look at my colleagues and my dad. I think wow!

      Hope I can be like them when. Y time comes

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