Friday, August 17, 2018

Random thoughts: Counting longevity?

Yesterday I was having dinner with my dad.

His walking is much weaker now. As I walk to the lift with him, we saw a neighbor using his hands to support himself. Their conversation left a deep impression.

They talk about the pain and ache of their legs. They brushed it off as old age.

The man asked if my dad is 80, and claimed he is 2 years younger. He then exclaimed how every year after 75 is a big difference to the preceding year. He now struggles with what he could usually coped with and it gets worse every year.

My mermories of my dad lifestyle conincide with what the man says. Aging, perhaps really caught up with my dad in the last 5 years. I remembered not too long ago, people were complimenting he was as strong as an ox for his age. He used to walk from whampoa to Pek Kio for breakfast and walk back. 

Age is but a number. Some people start aging at a much older age. But once aging starts, it is clear and painful.

Every year is a deterioration from the previous.

Enjoy your years.


  1. Older,weaker and poorer is scary thought.

  2. Hi SI,

    Have a growing kid, I see the reverse of what is happening in old age. Every month is exponentially different from the previous month, and the kid gets stronger, think in different ways and learn more things.

    It's just one big cycle.

  3. Yes LP,

    I see 生老病死in different lights. Reminded myself to be kind. We all just have the few years. Make me more zen about money matters and sometimes some irritation.

    Live and be happy.

  4. Another common sight is dementia. Old folks are confused or at loss how to proceed and they can stuck there until kind soul come to help them.

  5. CW,

    I hope I dun experience dementia ...

  6. Sillyinvestor,

    Yes, from our talks, I do feel you are more Zen now.

    It really is hungry eat; tired rest.

    We often neglect what our bodies are telling us.

    Whether we call it Zen or Tao, it does not matter.

    Its all about harmony within ourselves, and the world without.


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