Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Random Story: Renewable Kinetic Energy

Has been a while... since I write a story, here goes...


In the year 4023, Earth is obsessed with Green Energy, and all its citizens globally are ruled with Iron hand. Not much is left, and hence the recovery process of earth start in Ernest in about 200 years ago. No one really remembered how life is like without the computerized instructions that are downloaded to our brains and humans simply obey for the greater good of Earth.

All humans aged 6 to 60 are required to run at least 40 kilometers a day, before they can get on to their daily routine. The running on the surf board create the clean kinetic energy needed to run the system. It is the closest thing to 100% zero carbon footprint energy.

When this programme started, of course, not many can run 40 km. Many refused to run, some tried their best and dropout. For those who could, they are not running as fast as they should. The energy generated is sub-optimal, and injury cases are common. Motivation is low, and the programme almost get scrapped because human resistance to this programmed instructions is high and many, regardless whether they are able to complete the race or not.

Hence, the programme start giving incentives to those who can run faster. Those who could not run, but walk the whole distance are also given some credits. Energy harvest improved. To improved the programme, all humans are classified as "Sprinters", "Runners" and "Walkers". Dropout almost become unheard of.

The programme was a great success. Sprinters not only run to complete the distance, they typically all tried to go for the finishing line fast, with 3-4 folds amount of kinetic energy produced that it otherwise would be. The top 1% pupils were given even more incentives and training were provided so that they can even run faster.

The runners also show 100% increased in productivity at least. Strangely, most injury cases now seem to stem from the runners and sprinters group instead of walkers.

To further increase the collective energy generated by all 3 groups. Sprinters are given the best time slot to run, and the most efficient surf boards to tap their energy. They will be the first to run, and only when they have almost complete their race will the runners start, followed by the walkers.

Over time, Walkers are call Slackers. Slackers also felt that they could never be runners.

There are opportunities for Walkers to be promoted to the tier of Runners or even Sprinters, by such cases are few, and they usually take place at a much older age.       

Energy harvest was at its peak.

Until one day...

The energy harvest seem to repel each other. The bulk of energy harvest from walkers seem to repel the energy from sprinters. While sprinters produced plenty of energy, the bulk of the human populace are walkers, and their energy output is not to be scoff at. The "pure" energy of  Sprinters could not blend well with the energy of walkers.

Efficiency worsen and the blame game start.

It took 10 years before research show that the brains perception and thoughts during the run affect the nature of the energy produced.

So now, there is no more sprinters, runners and walkers. All of them run together, and there are different group in different permutations. Some times, all sprinters are still group together, but most groups would consist at least of runners. Walkers now start the journey together with runners and sprinters. It is hoped that there is more positive energy generated net, and walkers will have more motivations and opportunities to increase speed of running. Sprinters will have less injury cases and will slow down when necessary. There are still explorations of the right permutation to generate maximum harmonious energy


Ok... Its not a story actually... Hahaha


  1. Hi SI,

    I guess the world now is different from the past. In the past, there is lack of energy, so we need as much energy as possible, that's why the sprinters are hailed as the elites. But now, there is more than sufficient energy to fund all the basic necessities, so there's no need to focus so much on producing as much energy as possible, but rather switch to harnessing the inner potential of as many people as possible, even if it is detrimental to the overall energy production as a whole.

    A kinder and gentler society?

    Or maybe it's the start of another cycle. Perhaps it's human nature to rank themselves and compete, so next time we'll see sprinters, walkers and runners around too, though masked in different names haha

    Still, I must applaud the move.

  2. LP and Sillyinvestor,

    Personally, its not about a kinder and gentler society.

    The world is as cut-throat as ever. No one owes us a living.

    What has changed is the realisation the top-down daddy knows best way that has worked so well for us in the past may not get us through tomorrow anymore...

    Technologies and new business opportunities demand new skills sets, especially the acumen to challenge the existing way of doing things ;)

    We need THINKING soldiers to fight tomorrow's war; not follow orders robots.

  3. LP, Smol

    I appluad he move. Right direction, and show some.courage and determination in charting a new course.

    But let us not get ahead and expolate too much...

    Readers need to learn to read the deatils and not just the snake oil. Perhaps it has been a hole in many hearts, no one really say its a bad thing except for those who say nothing good about everything.

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