Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Random thoughts: Nothing is what it seems

I went to the clinic recently, and have this feeling: The doctor is running a business, the medicine are its products and we are his clients, he provide a service (consultation) followed by a selling of product (Medicine)

I used to have much more respect for doctors, but there are some doctors whom I visited that do not come across as caring.

I also used to think giving honest feedback and constructive comments should be welcomed, as long as we are not destructive or overly critical. well, I discovered lately, sometimes, we are required just to toe the line, opinion not needed.

Maybe many more things are there for a altruistic reason, but I discovered more and more lip services than genuine services in my line of work, and sometimes, it sickened me. Our job scope may not be what it seems.

Hence, sometimes we may dream about financial freedom, that it would solve most of our problems, but again, that might not be what it seems. Don't get me wrong, we should have a goal in life, and we should work towards that, otherwise, we will be zombies. But when we do attain financial freedom, I believe we will then have another set of problems.

Be thankful for whatever we have, enjoy the present. Nothing is what it seems, picture perfect world do more harm than good, since it doesn't exists...


  1. Hi Mike,

    The poor think that the rich do not have problems. The rich have problems but in different guises.

    Our spirit is what matters most. :)

  2. AK,
    The rich will have the same problem of greed, discontentment. In fact, I observe that ppl who get by decently are happier, as there is more realistic expectations not just on lifestyles but also on people. I also know of many many rich people who are really kind, wholesome and generous. But my colleague passed a comment today that really set me thinking. He said:" there are rich who are generous, but those are poor once, those born rich are seldom generous" I am not sure how true that is, but it should left a dent on my mind

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