Monday, December 30, 2013

Random thoughts- What kind of person am I?

In investing, we always ask what kind of investors are we? It is important to know our temperaments so as to find the style of investment that is in sync with our temperament, and be successful in investing.

If we think a step backwards, we should ask ourselves also, what kind of human are we, so that we can be successful and most importantly happy in the circumstances we are in, although we can change our circumstances somewhat, change our work, maybe to the extreme,even divorce (*choy choy choy, where is the woods), many will agreed our life span out according to the circumstances.

We cannot change our circumstances, but we can change our reaction and internal reservoir so that we get equilibrium with our circumstances earlier, the faster we aligned ourselves to our circumstances, the faster the clutch hits the engines and start to move, the earlier and more effective we can start changing the circumstances. OK, if you lost me, read no further, I am just thinking out loud.

Just like there usually is not average returns in equity investment of 5-7% annually. Unless you invest in bonds, or do assets allocation actively, what you usually will get depending on the time or place of investment should be widely great performance to dismayed losses. Th earlier we recognized that are get it in our head, the faster we are able to achieve the 5-7% av. returns in the long run.

I was in the car chatting with my mum-in-law when I harmlessly remarked: my dad is having his golden years, although I am not sure if my mum is half as happy. With this my mum-in-law retorts, what is there for her to be unhappy about. To which, I replied: happiness is the state of the mind and heart, not the external circumstances. To that, my mum-in-law agreed.

Doing some self-reflection after that, I realized that I am already having my golden years now. I am enjoying the company of my son (4 years old so still cute), still find my core job meaningful (minus the management part with bosses, tried as I might, the bandwith of frequency just don't cross), and I have enough to spend or save.

So what kind of person you are determined how successful you are in life and I always tell my pupils I define success by pursuing true happiness, finding meaning and sustained contentment. In this way, they can aggressively compete in this world without feeling miserable, since failures are taken in stride, and discontentment internalized as quickly as possible...

Hmm... What am I talking about? 


  1. Come!

    Let's do an early toast for tonight!

    Wait. Huh? What's that mom? Get off my butt and clean my room?

    Now that's purpose and happiness! (can shout means healthy; can still do work we have purpose!)


  2. Cheers and ganbei.

    Add to your list,

    Can sleep is bliss,
    Can shit is health

    Muhahaa ( pardon my crudeness)

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