Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Random thoughts: My new workplace

Given that I am still in the same sector/ industrial/ department. I always thought how different can my new workplace be. I also mentally prepared myself that since I decided to step out of the comfort zone on my own, even if I leaped into a sea of fire, I will just have to learn to survive in the sea of fire.

How wrong was I.

It is so refreshingly different. Given we have the same goals, targets and outcomes for the sector, I am rather surprised of the amount of free time I have here. I even have the time and energy to buy a new book "the 7 habits of effective people" to read. I know 25 million have read it, but better late than never. 

My new boss told me that she arranged it that way so that I can ease into the culture and not be overloaded at the start point. I appreciated that.

What I appreciated even more is how close we are at the core of our business here. I really feel like doing what I am supposed to do when I signed up for this job at the first place. And my clients? Wow, I didn't know clients can be so different too. I love them. Innocent and pure. Perhaps not as achieving as my previous workplace, but hey, this is just the very beginning of their journey, who says a head start means you win the race.

I also felt nurturing as a supervisor, first time in my life. Although I do not know if the feeling is mutual, or they detest my style, at least, here I go to the "worksite", observe the work processes, gave honest and sincere advice. I feel they appreciate it too. In the past, I am so busy at my own worksite, that I do not even have time at my office. 

The tough part is the system overhaul that I see will come soon, and the retirement of a competent senior staff. Lets hope I learn enough before she leave.

I set goals to achieved all that I wanted during this window, at least as much as possible, so that when the mad rush comes next year, I will not feel a tinge of regret. I certainly hope I will be able to drive at 4th gear or even go into overdrive when the need arises. I am afraid my engine will fail me since I am now only driving at third gear.

Other intangible benefits include more patience at home, and  energy at home. Life should be like this. The ying and yang. My past allowed me to enjoy my present. So if future turn sour, this it has the potential to improve. 




  1. I guess this is the common term of "honeymoon period" when stepping into a new workplace. Hope your honeymoon period last as long as you like. Keep going as the best is yet to come ;-)

  2. Glad you found something fulfilling in your work. If it's so fulfilling, you never want to stop working, financial freedom or not. It's that magical combination of free time, appreciation from others and just enough challenge to keep you on the toes, that keeps you going on and on.

  3. sillyinvestor,

    Glad you are taking note of the intangible benefits at home ;)

    During my time overseas, I've personally witnessed too many divorces to appreciate what it means when we say:

    "Success is what we have to sacrifice to achieve it."

  4. Yup, it's tough when u reached home with energy expended. You survive but fuse is short

  5. I like my job, but I like the freedom to choose more...

    I might want to do something else for a while when my freedom comes