Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Random thoughts: 35 years has passed...

Just celebrated my birthday yesterday. Yup, it is on the same date as Pusa. Gave me plenty of time to meet up with friends.

When I am at the KTV, my friend asked us:" Do you still remembered what I said was my dream when I am in secondary school?" I remembered doing the same email exercise when I am in university, one of the those silly email survey. It asked me to visualize my life when I am 60 and old...

My friend's answer: to be the best available bachelor, driving a car, enjoying life. He then laments about family life.

My email answer: A lonely single old man, without a loved one, most probable having company with a pet dog.

Both of our realities are different now. Although I might still be lonely come 60, but it is not like I could not find a wife. Yeah, I was so clueless or luckless with relationships that I thought I will never make it...

Another secondary mate wished me 35th birthday through whatspp. I replied: Thanks, how time flies. He agreed, and said its scary.

Looking backwards, many of our "visions" did not pend out, isn't it?

When I am in university, I write poems, talk about philosophy. I thought maybe that will be how I hitch my girlfriend. In reality? LOL...

How about making a projection of amount of money you will have when you are 55? How about a growth compounding rate of 6-12%, whichever you fancy. Its great to envision, but live your present to the fullest now. You might not give a hoot about money when you reached 60...




  1. Hi sillyinvestor, happy belated birthday. 35 is still consider a young age as far as men is concerned. Living the moment is the key ;-)

  2. Hi Richard.

    I like to think of myself as young too... In all three domains. Young physically, young mentally, young social and emotionally.

  3. Happy Belated birthday Sillyinvestor !

    Wishing you wealth and more importantly health ! Huat la !

  4. sillyinvestor,

    Cheers birthday boy!

    Wow, one full 12 year cycle younger than me.

    You have fun now you hear?

    Yum seng!

  5. I belong to the got energy got some
    Money but no time phase.

    SMOL U belong to the got energy, got time got money phase! You party until dun know where is home ! Ok LOL

  6. Hmmm that's you are also zodiac goat!! Maybe all male goats like to 醉生梦死

  7. sillyinvestor,

    Cannot. Must maintain 30% lucidity one ;)

    We very cheap to maintain mah.

    Eat grass only!


  8. I am
    Sheep, I eat grass. But I marry a wife who is 3 years younger. So she is. Sheep dog. Ask me go left I go left, ask
    Me go get for shave, I also go....

  9. Hi Mike,

    Aiyoh, 35 is scary? I am going to be 43 soon. I should be scared stiff! In fact, I am a little bit so. Sigh.

    Can feel the body not as agile (or strong). Can feel the brain not as fast (or clear). -.-"

    Anyway, throw these depressing thoughts out the window, down the chute, into the bin and whatever way you feel happier with!

    Celebrate for you have gained in wisdom. Gong xi! Gong xi! ;)

  10. Think about it. Time
    Really flies... Isn't it... Somehow the buddism teaching of 4 sufferings as truth get louder and louder

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